Ever suffered from sleep paralysis? This can be a very terrifying experience. Sleep paralysis is the phenomena where you wake up from sleep to find you’re unable to speak or move. It is a transitional state between sleep and wakefulness. This is the time when dreams are very vivid but the body is paralyzed. It is often accompanied by hallucinations that involve a supernatural creature or person terrifying or suffocating the individual.

Sleep Paralysis Stories


Repeated Experiences

I have had more than my fair share of sleep paralysis episodes. I usually get visual where a slick, black alien-like creature about 4 feet tall appears. I have also seen the grim-reaper. I hardly get any auditory hallucinations so I can negate the whole experience by closing my eyes. The only thing I can’t control is the paralysis.


Whisper in My Ear

I don’t experience any visual hallucinations, but that whisper happened to me the first time when I was in my bed lying on the left side. I felt pressure on my chest. I panicked when I realized I was paralyzed. Out of the blue, something whispered in my ear “just came to say goodnight”. I’m sure this is one of the scariest sleep paralysis stories.


A Lot of Effort

I get sleep paralysis on a regular basis when I take naps, not when I sleep at night. I’ve never experienced the “demon”, but the episodes are still terrifying. I feel like I can see everything but I’m not able to move. It often feels like I’ll be stuck like that forever if I don’t make every effort to move. I normally start by wiggling my toes or fingers and then keep up with the momentum until I’m fully awake. It takes a lot of effort, and I usually have to start over if I don’t keep the effort constant.


Demon Encounter

My most recent experience was one of the most horrific sleep paralysis stories. I saw a demon standing in one corner of my room. It was speaking some sort of language that I couldn’t quite make out.

Other times I see things walking towards me at lightning fast speeds but still very slow and their legs usually don’t match their movements. It is usually a demon or someone I know who seems possessed.


That Dark Figure

I get sleep paralysis quite often and I’ve never gotten used to it. I usually feel intense pressure holding me down. I can’t speak and usually see a dark figure from the corner of my eye. Unfortunately, I can’t turn my head to look at it. Luckily, my husband is now used to it and whenever I have an episode, he helps snap me out of it.


On My Back

It only happens when I lay on my back. I usually can’t tell whether my eyes are open or shut when I wake up. However, I can see the whole room. There’s normally a dark presence on my wardrobe. I try to scream but I can’t speak a word or move. It slithers towards me and tries to invade every orifice. I feel as though it has pinned me down as it tries to push its way into my nose, mouth, ears and eyes.

The darkness then lets out a screeching scream. I try to scream back but can’t. Eventually I manage to jerk my head and everything goes back to normal.


Hotel Room

I get sleep paralysis every now and then. One of my worst experiences was when I stayed in a hotel with my boyfriend at the time. I tried to move and scream to get his attention, but I was unable to make a sound. Finally I managed to get up and tell him what happened. But he just jumped on me and started strangling me. I’m just glad it wasn’t real.


Just Faces

This has happened to me twice. The first time I saw faces coming towards me. They had no bodies, just faces. On the second occasion, I dreamed about getting burgled when I suddenly went into sleep paralysis. I saw a man brandishing a knife beside my bed. I was petrified. It felt like it lasted forever.



I get two episodes per week on average. I usually wake up unable to move or speak. I try to force myself to stay awake for about 5 minutes in order to snap out of it. But most times I go right back into paralysis and the cycle repeats itself until the body gets tired.



It usually happens when I pass out on my couch drunk. Most times I wake up and hear someone forcing the back door open. I hear the person enter and footsteps walking towards me. I can neither move nor scream. I finally can snap out of it at the last possible moment.


Black Child

One of the creepiest sleep paralysis stories is when I woke up and found a little black child in my room. I snapped out of it but it happened again. This went on until I was fully awake. I was in total panic. My episodes are usually accompanied by intense pressure on my body that almost feels good except that I can’t control what’s happening.



I woke up to find that a giant Egyptian scarab (bug) looked over me. It could talk. It proceeded to tell me how it couldn’t wait to taste my rotten flesh. It then went out to describe all the ways it would eat me. Suddenly, it turned into tiny scarabs that buzzed away into the cracks in the walls.


Devilish Figure

One of the scariest episodes for me was waking up to a devil like creature. The red and black monster had huge teeth and was seating on me. It was trying to suffocate me. I just kept on increasing the pressure on my chest but I couldn’t move or scream.



I had my first episode when I was 16. After I "woke up", I saw tons of colors, heard all sorts of peculiar sounds and even came across some angel-like and demon-like creatures. I knew I was in my room but I was scared. I thought I had died in my sleep and that is how being dead felt like.


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