There are a number of reasons why it might be hard to put together a good resume for yourself. If you have been unemployed for a period of time or were a stay-at-home mom who took a few years off, it can be hard to decide what to add and what to leave out. Also, if you are trying to change careers, what reasons you should include on your resume can be a difficult decision. Resumes are changing as are employer attitudes. Your life skills are just as important as your work experience and education. Just be sure to include skills that will potentially be beneficial to a prospective employer and hopeful land in an interview. Below are some skills to put on a resume.

Part 1: Types of Skills to Put on a Resume

There are three important skill types that you should include on your resume:

  • Transferrable skills. Transferrable skills are what you have      learned at one job or in a specific life experience that can be adapted      for the job you are seeking.

  • Job-related skills. Job-related skills refer to any qualifications      or skills that are needed or or relevant to a specific job.

  • Adaptive skills. Adaptive skills are not necessarily be      substantiated through experience but rely on an individual’s personality      traits.

Job-related and transferrable skills are the most sought-after skills to include on your resume and you should include the ones that will help you stand out to a prospective employer.

Part 2: Popular Skills to Put On a Resume


Ability to work well with others or as part of a team

The job you are seeking may require you to work on projects as part of a team and employers want to know that you are open to ideas and constructive criticism from others. They want to know that you can put the needs and goals of the company first.


Ability to communicate well with people within and outside the company

Communication is an important skill in any job situation. You will learn about the processes of the company and how multiple departments work together. You may also be asked to deal with customers or outside vendors that do business with the company. Good communication skills can also be a helpful motivator when working with others in a group.


Ability to solve any problems and make decisions

Being able to solve problems that may arise and make sound decisions in the interests of the company are a desirable quality in a prospective employee. You must be able to assess any problems and solve them in an appropriate and preferably quick manner.


Ability to gather and process information efficiently

Being a new employee, you will be expected to learn the job in a timely manner and understand the requirements of your new position within the company. In most cases you will be pared with someone who will teach you what you need to know, but if you cannot learn and adapt quickly, you become a liability. You must show that you have the initiative to perform tasks and do your job effectively.


Ability to organize and plan your work, as well as prioritize properly

Most jobs require you to perform multiple tasks and you must demonstrate an ability to understand the importance of those tasks and organize them according to their priority. You are expected to finish jobs on time and efficiently, especially if they have an impact on another assignment.


Ability to analyze measureable data as it relates to your job

Successful business is always based in numbers and statistics and you must be able to interpret those numbers as they pertain to your job and within your department. Understanding the numbers can help you improve the department or company’s efficiency, thus making money.


Time management skills

Time management is a necessary skill so you understand how to plan your time to get jobs completed in a timely manner, so you can prioritize the tasks assigned.


Ability to learn quickly and self-motivate

Taking on new tasks and trying new things by learning from watching others at work is important. It shows that you are a self-starter and can learn new skills.


The end result

Your resume will get you the interview, so it should be explicit in your skill set. Do research into the company you are applying for, so you can know and explain how your particular skills can be beneficial to them.

  • Experience equips you with skills that are required to become a desirable employee for companies. The more skills you acquire, the more attractive you will be to an employer. While in college, try to participate in activities to interact and work well with others, which strengthens your communication skills. Plan activities such as volunteer work for breaks from school.
  • Use your network to find out opportunities. Your network with family and friends can help you find out if they know where is hiring. Attend career fairs at school and speak to people who represent companies in your chosen career path. Find out what they are looking for in employees and make some connections that may help you in the future.
  • Keep a record of all your activities, whether work or volunteer that will help you put positive experiences on your resume. Research the company that you are applying for so you know what skills they are seeking.

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