It’s rare but still quite possible that you're performing exceptionally well at your workplace, at least a lot better than the majority of people out there. But lots of us always wonder – are we good at what we do? Do we really enjoy what we’re doing or have we forced ourselves to do the same thing over and over for so long that we’ve become immune to its charm? For those of you wondering, don’t wonder any more. We’ll share with you signs that you are doing well at your job.

Signs You Are Doing Well at Work

Sure, some signs can be clear as day while the other can be, well, muddy as mud. So, how do you assess whether or not you’re doing well at work? Go through the following points to find out for sure.

You enjoy going to your office

A particular sign that you're good at your work is the fact that you truly enjoy completing your regular job tasks. If you feel terrible about going to office early in the morning, then you should focus on quitting your current job and finding another one which is more suitable for you. Or at least, find something that excites you more. But if you're usually passionate, excited, and/or full of positive energy at your office, then it’s a sure shot sign of you doing well at work.


Your working hours pass by quickly

Do you sometimes find yourself surprised at how fast the time goes on when you check out the office clock? Don’t be alarmed – you’re not suffering from some sort of mental condition. In fact, it means just the opposite – you love what you’re doing. Getting drowned deeply into your work is a sign of dedication and passion, and is one of the most important signs you are doing well at work.


You care about your work progress

An interested employee always takes care about their progress in the office. Keep in mind that it's not just about earning promotions and prizes. It’s a lot more, including expanding your knowledge and mastering new skills, irrespective of whether it bears any positive results for you. There is a huge difference between workers who need constant guidance, and those who have a vision and are willing to give their best to achieve it. Such workers tend to create new challenges for themselves from which they constantly learn something new. They also go ahead and develop their personalities. They're able to find and offer creative and innovative solutions and suggestions on their own.


You’re respected and/or well-loved

Are your coworkers always asking you for suggestions and guidance, both personal and professional? It is because you provide them with quick solutions and guides. If your answers are good and your behaviors are positive, then you're obviously in an admirable position at your workplace. You know what's happening around you, and you're genuinely concerned about it. That's why people put their faith in you. They know how good you are at your position. Consciously or subconsciously, you're displaying signs you are doing well at work.


Your work space is always well-arranged

Your workplace can reveal a lot about you as a disciplined or non-disciplined employee. People who don't pay attention to their work don’t take their work space seriously. It will almost always be a mess; or at least, not a lot of thought would be given to the arrangement. Such people’s primary goal is to see the end of the day and just get lost from their workplace! But you, you take great pride in your job and your work space and everything there is immaculate. Isn’t it?


You’re disciplined

How many times you heard someone who promised that they'll never again be late to their job, but always are? People tend to make promises (in the office) and then do not stick to them. Why? Because work is a drag for them. They break their own promises, and it's easy to figure out such people in your office. Yet, you know things can be hard but are not afraid of challenges and are always disciplined. You’re always on time, you never miss deadlines, and you dress appropriately and have never been reprimanded for bad behavior.


You keep your cool

Nobody is immune to stress, but maintain one’s cool in stressful situations and under pressure is critical. Workers who're able to keep their cool head in various possible adversities are like pure gold for the company. And for you, years of experience (or maybe it’s something that just comes naturally to you) have taught you that losing your cool is not the way to do things. And guess what? You love being calm when everybody else around you is going crazy. Your boss too loves this quality about you and it’s one of those sure signs you are doing well at work.


You can explain your work to kids clearly

As Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself." If you can simply summarize what you are doing, what the purpose is and how to fit into the big picture, then you surely understand your work thoroughly and you are definitely equipped with one necessary element of doing well at your work and creating some greatness.


You are indispensable

Being indispensable to a team or company is a sure fire sign you are doing well at work. For example, when you finally get a chance to have a vocation, all members in your team seem stressed and reluctant to let you go. Or when you come back from that vocation, everyone seems relieved and you get a warm welcome. These are signs you are doing well at work and even mean you are the expertise in your field. Just keep up the good work.


You have everything in your control

When your colleague or boss comes to you with certain questions, can you offer quick and correct answers or at least can find the answers really fast? If you go out of your way but still come up with nothing, then you should rethink about your working mode and work harder. That is, if you are doing well at your work, you should get full control of your zone and are at the state of "I got this".


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