Plucking petals off a daisy and chanting that age old incantation may be an old-fashioned method for discovering his feelings, but in today’s modern age you need a more reliable source of information. After all, guys aren’t always verbal about their emotions, so he may not come right out and tell you how he feels. If you think this guy might be the one, but you’re not exactly sure where he stands, there are certain tells you should look for. Check out these 8 signs that may tell whether he loves you.

8 Signs He Loves You

He loves me... He loves me not... How to tell when a guy really loves you. Check out these 8 signs that he loves you.

He communicates regularly. He’ll send you a funny text or email unexpectedly, or call just to see how you’re doing. He doesn’t have communication blackouts for days at a time like some men then call you at the last minute and expect you to be available. He checks in and lets you know he was thinking of you, even if that not what he says.

He foresees your needs. Another sign he loves you is when he anticipates your needs or wants and does something about it. It could be as simple as plugging in your cell phone to charge or running your bath water. These are the little gestures that show he cares about you and wants to make life easier for you.

He treats you, your family, and your friends with respect. He doesn’t call you names; he calls if he’s going to be late, and treats you as courteously as he does his own friends. If he gets along with most of your family and friends and treats them well, he’s willing to make an effort to keep your life drama free and you contented. He cares what you and your family think of him.

He’s willing to apologize. Yes, you’re going to argue. Every couple has silly spats. But if he fights fair, doesn’t become violent, and comes back and apologizes, it shows he cares more about your relationship than he does about who was right or wrong. His feelings run deep and it is another of the signs he’s in love with you.

He wants you to be a part of his social life. Has he introduced you to his family? Does he invite you to accompany him to get-togethers with his friends or coworkers? If so, he’s proud to be seen with you and wants you to be a part of his inner circle.

He takes care of you when you’re sick. When you’re cranky and feel like dirt, your hair is standing on end, you have no makeup on and your nose is as red as Rudolph’s, but he sticks around to take care of you anyway? Signs of love aren’t always obvious, but that one is pretty clear. He may not be the most apt nurse, but if he tries, he cares.

He starts talking in “we” language. Listen closely when he talks. Has the word we started making multiple appearances in his vocabulary? Does he say “we” in referring to future events, like “we” go to Joe’s wedding next summer or “we” have Christmas together this year? That’s a good sign that he plans on you sticking around for the long haul.

He listens to you…really listens. He lets you talk about your problems or experiences and communicates back with intelligent questions or meaningful comments. He makes eye contact often and he remembers what you said. All of these are indicators that you and your feelings are a priority to him.

If you’ve observed any of these signs of love in your man, chances are you may not have to wonder much longer about his feelings. It probably won’t be long before he speaks the words, his actions are already telling you.

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