So you’re having another baby. Or maybe you’re having twins. Of course you want the name to be perfect, yet you want it to blend well with the name of his/her brother or sister as well. Don’t you wish there was a sibling name generator to help you make the decision easier? Well, that app may not exist yet, so you’ll have to use some creative thinking to come to a happy decision. Here are some ideas to consider when thinking about sibling names.

3 Ideas for Being Your Own Sibling Name Generator

The Tried and True Start with the Same Letter Plan

Alliteration is a great tool for keeping a consistency and rhythm in the names of a family. There are numerous families that like giving their children all names that start with the same letter. If both parents happen to have the same first initial, like Bob and Betsy, it’s especially fun to carry on the tradition by naming your kids with names that also start with that initial. After all, it worked for the Kardashians whose members include Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim.

Names with a Theme Work Well

Names don’t have to sound alike to work well together. Theme names are another great choice. For instance there are virtue names. That list could include:

  • Patience, Charity

  • Hope, Faith

  • Grace, Chastity

  • Serenity, Trinity

Or maybe you like names that sound old-fashioned like:

  • Abigail, Adam

  • Louisa, Lucinda

  • Henry, Hannah

  • Emily, Ethan

Turn to Nature

If you’re looking for a wonderful sibling name finder, nobody can beat Mother Nature. Think about natural names like:

  • Rose, Lily

  • River, Cedar

  • Dale, Glen

  • Sky, Dawn

Names with the Same Origins

Want your names to reflect your family’s origin? They can! For instance, if you or your husband has Irish ancestors, you might like the names:

  • Aiden, Erin

  • Michael, Maeve

  • Siobhan, Sean

  • Kathleen, Keagan

Or perhaps you prefer Italian names like:

  • Antonio, Anna Maria

  • Sophia, Salvador

  • Gianni, Gabriella

  • Marco, Monica

Ends the Same

This sibling name generator idea is the opposite of names that begin the same. Think about names that end the same like:

  • Taylor, Tyler

  • Morgan, Jordan

  • Riley, Hailey

  • Miranda, Amanda

What Not to Name Siblings

Now that you’re on the right track for thinking of names that will work well for your babies, keep in mind what doesn’t work for children in the same family. Names that sound too much alike, for instance, can cause miscommunication and frustration. For instance, names like Kylie and Kaylie or Daniel and Danielle can be confusing when you go to call your kids and they can’t tell who you’re calling, so they both ignore you.

You’ll probably want to avoid names paired in pop culture as well. Brad and Angelina, Kim and Kanye, and Will and Kate may not be your best options.


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