Every man ultimately worries about several things: am I loved, can I succeed, and can I satisfy her? The last question is a major concern for some men, either consciously or subconsciously. Men feel pressure to know how to please a woman sexually and follow through with it. At the same time, a lot of men are confident in their prowess in providing sexual pleasure to their partners.

How to Satisfy Her Wth Sexual Pleasure


Take time during foreplay

Men often make the mistake of rushing foreplay: sensual touching and exploring. Just because you are aroused does not mean that she is. Take time and enjoy her presence in foreplay. This lengthens the sexual pleasure and plays a pivotal role in how to please a woman sexually.


Hygiene matters

Hygiene matters more than you may think, so be clean, showered, and clean shaven. You may have six-pack abs and be as ripped as the Rock, but if you do not practice good hygiene, it can put a damper on the sex pleasure - it may ruin her mood for sex.


Experiment all the time

Experiment with the different positions. There are literally hundreds of different positions for sexual pleasure. Talk with your partner and see what they are open for trying, and try it. That differentiation will keep sex from becoming stale, keeping the sex life fresh and alive.


Trigger zones and fantasies

Guys, you are not the only ones who have fantasies. Women have them, too. Sometimes they are fantasies, and for others, it may be an erogenous zone. Acting out those fantasies and trigger zones can be exhilarating, keeping the sex life dynamic healthy for both.


Allow her to orgasm first

First it shows selflessness: you are concerned about her wellbeing first. In return, she’ll be more likely to bring you sexual pleasure. She may be more likely to experiment or act out a fantasy as well, providing further sexual gratification. Additionally, it’s arousing for you, too. If you orgasm first, she may not orgasm. So be a gentleman and let her orgasm first.


Turn up the romance

This starts by being romantic and making her feel loved and cared for. Have a candlelight dinner, give her a massage, or send flowers to her at work. If you make her feel special and then turn her brain on, her sexual pleasure will increase. Sexual pleasure with women begins with the mind. Turn her on there and the rest will follow.


Tease her

Girls know how to turn a guy on. Men are like switches and women like dials. They are not the only ones who can tease. Kissing up (or down) the body can be a real turn on. Also kissing around an erogenous zone without actually touching will drive ladies crazy with sex pleasure. Just don’t go too fast or too slow, timing is crucial with this one.


The brain is a turn on

This goes along with teasing. If she is turned on mentally, physically she will follow. Start with the brain, and turn her on via her fantasies, anticipation, teasing, etc., and her physical arousal (and later sex pleasure) will follow.


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