Power of cinema can never be denied. It’s one of the best mediums for the catharsis of your feelings of love, grief and anger. When you want to get the feel of love and romance in your life, you opt to watch some sensuously appealing and romantic movies. Here we have rounded up a list of ten best sensitive romantic movies of all time.

Ten Best Romantic Movies


A Walk to Remember

This beautiful movie was released on 25 January 2002. We choose this movie for the top position because it excellently portrays the essence of true love. It’s the story based on two young lovers Jamie and Landon. The disliking they earlier had for each other, turns into love. After a dramatic situation, they are forced to be together. And finally they fall in love. Mandy Moore and Shane West played the main lead efficiently.



Love will find a way. This is the best definition of the movie. Serendipity was released on 5 October, 2001. This lighthearted romantic movie starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, tells the story of a man and woman, who meet coincidentally and feel attracted towards each other. As they both have someone in their lives, they leave their love on destiny and part their ways, believing that if they are destined to meet, they will find their ways towards each other. Many interesting turns take place and they come together finally.


The Notebook

One of the all-time favorite sensitive romantic movies, The Notebook was released on 25 June 2004. This romantic venture is set in the background of World War 2. The story pictures two intense lovers (rich girl and poor boy), whose relationship faces many turmoils but they manage to stay together. The movie shows a time leap. The couple grows old together and the heroine becomes Alzheimer’s patient and forgets everything from her past. And each day, the male lead reads her their past life from an old notebook. And hopes that one day she will recognize him.


City of Angels

City of Angels was released on 10th April, 1998. The romantic fantasy movie revolves around an angel (Nicholas Cage), who roams around the streets of Los Angeles and accompanies the departing souls in their last journey. In a tragic event of someone’s death, the angel spots a heart surgeon (Meg Ryan) and falls flat for her and decides to bid adieu to his immortality to be with her. The movie has got many romantic and sensuous scenes and of course a noticeable ending.


Notting Hill

Released on 13 May 1999, it’s a great romantic flick with great stars like Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. The film represents two lovers in two different lifestyles. One is a famous movie star and the other is an ordinary man who works in a book store. Different situations bring them closer and what happens next is a mystery until you watch it. It surely is one of the best sensitive romantic movies on our list.


Before Sunrise

A pure romantic movie pictured in a single night, has a very interesting plot. Released on 27 January 1995, the film revolves around two strangers who accidentally meet in the train and decided to get off the train together.  All through the movie, you will find them roaming around the beautiful lanes of Vienna, talking about love, death, etc. and the affection grows greater between them. The film also had sequels made in 2004 ('Before Sunset’) and 'Before Midnight' in 2013 . The movies have nine years of separation between them.


Pretty Woman

One of the finest Hollywood romantic movies, it released on 23 March 1990. This romantic comedy is a beautiful Cinderella-inspired movie, a tale of love between a prostitute and a known businessman. The story is based on their cultural and social differences and how it affects their love and how finally they end up being together. The main lead is played by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.


The Fault in Our Stars

A passionate love story of two cancer patients, it was released on 6 June, 2014. The movie is the story of a 16 years old cancer patient Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley). She meets another cancer patient, Gus Waters (Ansel Elgort), who is in to her cancer support group. The both come closer because they share the same likes and interests. Falling in love, they decide to live their life the way they like. Both of them set out to a journey to Amsterdam, in search of their favorite author. Though the movie has a heart-breaking climax, it still makes one of the best sensitive romantic movies because of the feel and emotions depicted in it.


Love Actually

A beautiful love-themed movie that released on 14 November 2003 in United States. The plot begins about 5 weeks before Christmas and progresses till the final Christmas celebration. The movie revolves around eight different couples and their issues. Somehow all these couples are interrelated. The movie has got a big star cast and it is very interesting to watch so many great stars in a single movie. Rowen Atkinson AKA Mr. Bean did a cameo in it.


Dirty Dancing

Released in 1987, the movie is one of the best romantic movies ever made. It’s a simple and beautiful tale of love and attraction. The story is based on the life of Baby (Jennifer Grey) who sets out with her parents to spend her summer at a resort in Catskills. There she meets Johnny (Patrick Swayze). Joining him in his participation of a dance competition, they get attracted towards each other and finally fall in love.


The Bodyguard

This romantic movie was released on25 November 1992 and got immense fame because of its unusual plot and storyline. It’s a story of a pop singer (Whitney Houston) whose life is threatened by a stalker. For her protection, she is advised to get the services of a secret service agent (Kevin Costner). Though she dislikes him at first but the situation keeps getting better. And many interesting turns and various dramatic situations bring them together finally. Hope you enjoyed the list of sensitive romantic movies and leave a comment if you have more to share. 


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