Many people may be reluctant to leave certain items behind when leaving home for an extended period of time. The mere idea of leaving your belongings unattended for long stretches is probably daunting enough. If you don’t have anyone to house-sit for you, it’s even more troubling. Whether you’re heading out for a deployment, hitting the road for a long vacation, temporarily relocating for work or will be gone for other reasons, these self storage tips will help you when you’re away.

Self Storage Tips for Extended Absences

A few considerations to make when storing items during an extended absence include:

What Stays and What Goes?

Most people focus on big-ticket items when deciding what they should store during an extended absence. It’s wise to store expensive items because they will be better protected, but irreplaceable items like old photos and heirlooms deserve to be included too. While deciding, ask yourself this: If someone broke into your home or a mishap occurred, how disappointed would you be to lose a particular item? If you’d be crushed, store it at a secure self storage facility instead.


Keep Convenience in Mind

When packing items in your storage locker, consider when you’ll be retrieving them up in the future. If they’re going to be stored for the duration of your absence, this isn’t as big of a deal. If you’ll periodically be by to get certain things though, store those items near the front for easy access.


Benefits of Premium Features

Certain items shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures or excessive moisture. If you’ll need to store things like clothes and documents, which may be damaged under such conditions, consider renting a climate controlled unit. If you’ll be storing large, bulky items, look for a facility with special accommodations like drive-up units and wide doors.

With your items safely stored in a secure self storage unit, you’ll enjoy superior peace of mind while you’re away. Use to find a storage facility near you.


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