India is a country full of , harboring secrets throughout its vast borders. Its unique mix of landscapes and cultural traditions make it prime for its strange tales and legends. So detailed in their conviction, it is hard to decide if they are true or only tales to ward off unwanted visitors. Whichever the case, secrets of India are tantalizing, making one’s imagination explore the extraordinary possibilities.

Secrets of India


The Bhootbilli

The Bhootbilli is a monster that has been described as a cross between a cat, dog and mongoose. It has the ability of making long jumps with the agility and grace of a small, lightweight creature, but it has been said it reflects the features of large and ferocious beast. Also known as the “ghost cat”, it terrorizes areas in India, paying particular attention to the residents of Pune. Responsible for killing livestock and scaring locals, the strange monster hunts without fear, knowing no one will get in its way. Experts consider the sightings as an overreaction by residents and that the creature is just a civet cat.


The Jodhpur Boom

The people of Jodhpur would never forget the date of December 18, 2012. A deafening boom was heard across its lands, sounding like a massive explosion. The source of the sound was never discovered, making it even more of a mystery. There were no planes flying in the area and no explosions reported. What made the occurrence even stranger was that the unexplained sound was heard over the next several weeks in several different countries all over the world. Sometimes they were reported to be accompanied with a strange green light. It has left many wondering if the sounds were connected somehow and if so, why.


The Cursed Village of Kuldhara

For over five centuries, the village of Kuldhara was home to over 1,500 people. For an unknown reason, one night they all decided to leave and their existence completely disappeared. No one has the true answer to their departure, but many have speculated. Was the tale of two lovers scorned by an angry father the reason for the disappearance? Or were the residents fed up with the rule of oppressive rulers? Whatever the reason may be, one aspect of the tale stands firm. When they left, they cursed the village so no one else could ever live there. It is said that people have tried to make the area a home for themselves but have fallen upon ill fates such as death or sickness. It is rumored to be haunted by individuals who have died within its borders.


The Great Taj Mahal Conspiracy

Touted as one of the modern wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal is the most famous building in India. Its beauty is world renowned and millions flock to gaze upon it every year. As legend tells it, the ornate structure was created by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum to his deceased wife. But according to some theorists, the building is actually 300 years older than it is supposed to be. It is suggested that the structure was originally an ancient Hindu temple and was merely decorated in tribute to Shah Jahan’s wife. This theory may seem unbelievable, but it is known that Indian royalty used to capture enemy temples and repurpose them into tombs for their beloved. Until someone is allowed to explore the depths of the Taj Mahal, it will remain a mystery, also one of the secrets of India.


The Nine Unknown Men

The Nine Unknown Men are described as a powerful secret society founded by Emperor Asoka in 273 BC. The function of the group was to preserve and guard secret information that would be dangerous in the wrong hands. Each of the Nine were responsible for holding one special book, with varying topics that included but were not limited to microbiology, physiology and even propaganda. It is rumored that not all the men were from India, but rather from scattered areas around the world. Rarely were the nine known to be a member, but instead kept it secret from the rest of society. Rumors have run rampant on who may have been or who may be current members still.


Jatinga Mass Bird Suicides

Located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam, the Village of Jatinga is famous for its unique phenomena of bird suicides. During the migration season, many birds visit but very few leave. Strangely, on moonless nights in September and October and between the hours of 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., the birds stop flying and fall to their death. To make it even weirder, the mass suicides only occur along a 1 mile by 600 feet strip of land. For the past century, it has happened every year without fail. While there are many theories, none have been proven so the mystery lives on.


Roopkund Lake

In 1942, a soldier came upon hundreds of human skeletons on the banks of Roopkund Lake, a located in the Himalayans. Carbon dating of the well-preserved corpses estimated they were from somewhere between the 12th and 15th century. Several scientists have tried to unravel the mystery behind their deaths. Theories range from a weather phenomenon like a hailstorm overcoming the group to the skeletons being the remains of Japanese soldiers from World War II. This is one mystery that may never be solved.



Also known as the Barisal Guns, mistpouffers are unexplained loud noises that have been reported in many waterfront communities in India. They are more commonly heard in the delta regions of Ganga and Brahmaputra. Though sound like the sonic boom, they have been heard by residents before the invention of supersonic jets. Theories of their origin range from earthquakes, rock bursts, tsunamis, meteors and even distant thunder. The unexplained sounds have even been attributed to so-called booming sands. Still reported even today, they continue to puzzle the science community making it one of the secrets of India.


Aleya Ghost Lights

Unexplained ghost lights have been seen in the marshes of West Bengal, with many believing they represent the ghosts of dead fisherman. Thought to confuse people and cause them to lose their bearing, the lights are said to travel over the marshes and draw people to their glow. It is believed that some think they exist to confuse fishermen, while others believe they are meant to warn them of dangers ahead. Either way, many bodies have been found on shore with no explanation of their deaths, which is why it is one of the secrets of India.


Himalayan Mysteries

The Himalayas is a vast, mountainous range that is surrounded by mystery and folklore. Ghost sightings are often reported, which comes to no one’s surprise as many people have died trying to climb its peaks. A common myth is the tale of the Yeti. Similar to the legend of Big Foot, the creature is described as the abominable snowman. It is thought to live in the areas of Tibet and Nepal. There are also strange reports of red snowfall in the Himalayas. It is often described as red spots sprinkled over ice. Indian army soldiers, residents and tourists alike have reported an abundance of strange sightings and mysterious sounds in these mountains.


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