There are a lot of freaky things that happen in our lives, and a lot of them are unexplained. There’s a reason why ghost stories, movies and books make so much money: people want to know what’s going on around them. Why? Because something strange has definitely happened to them one time or another. The creepiest things that happen usually involve children or pets, and there are some that leave us completely…. scared.

Scary Things That Happen to People

Scary things happen far too often, and not all of them occur in the dead of night after reading a Stephen King novel.

My Disappearing Brother

My family live in a condominium and own two apartments on the seventh and eighth floor. We have to go out of one apartment, take the staircase or the elevator to get into the other apartment. This is the only way. But here the scary part begins;

One night, I wanted some peanut butter so I came to the seventh follow to get some. After I got there, I saw my brother was sitting there in the pitch dark. It startled me, but I turned on the light, got the peanut butter and asked if he had key to lock up. But my brother just sat there and ignored me. I shrugged and thought if he could come in, surely he had the key. So I went back, but only to find my brother was eating ice cream at the dining table. This really freaked me out and asked how he could get back so quickly. But my mom said he had been there the whole time. No one believed my stories, but I never went back to there alone at night again.


Dead Coming Back to Life

Thinking of scary things that happen to people? Look no further than a regular funeral. Before medicine progressed, people waking up during their funerals, even just for a few minutes, weren’t unheard of. This phenomenon happened to a Russian woman who had died from a heart attack, or so everyone had thought. The family held a funeral for her, with an open casket. She ended up waking up, hearing the mourners, and when she opened her eyes and realized exactly what was going on and where she was she screamed, causing a mess and scared all the guest present. Her family rushed her right to the hospital and she ended up only living for another 12 minutes before she died again. And apparently, this wasn’t the first or the only case where the dead came back to life!


The Touch Typing

When I was little, there was always touch typing in the morning which came from the computer downstairs. Since my father worked at home, so I just brushed it off as nothing. But one morning, I was drinking cola downstairs and heard my dad shout, "Are you already typing downstairs?" I froze and immediately ran upstairs to him. To my surprise, my dad, my sister and my mom all heard that noise regularly when there was no one downstairs typing. I was really freaked out.

Then one day, I was at downstairs, and the light started to flash and then it exploded. The glass shattered all over the room. Luckily, I ran out of the room when the flashing happened. To make things worse, my sister said one day she was home alone but heard a slight sighing which was obvious not from her.

All these things made us so frightened and shortly we moved out. I didn't know what happened and didn't want to figure it out because every time I think about that my heart would race and tremble.


Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences are terrifying in themselves; you’re so far gone that you’re only hanging on by a thin thread. This guy had a freaky experience starting with standing next to his body just like in the movies. But then, making things even worse, he heard unfamiliar voices starting to call out to him, telling him to follow. He eventually did and he headed down a long, dark hallway. He started getting scared (who wouldn’t?!) and told them he wasn’t going any further. The voices then started attacking him; but a soft voice told him to pray to God, so he did and was sent back to Earth, saving him from the voices.


Sleep Paralysis

Some of the scary things that happen to people are actually just "regular" things that happen to the body. The body is a strange and wonderful thing. Mostly strange, though. Sleep paralysis happens when you’re about to fall asleep (either right before drifting off, or just after waking). This phenomenon feels like you’re awake and able to carry on a conversation or get out of bed and go for that glass of water you’re wanting...except…you can’t. Because your body is paralyzed and you cannot move. Frightening, right? Luckily, it only happens to few people.


The Dancing Plague of 1518

The dancing plague...... sounds like a decent kind of plague, right? What can be so bad about dancing? But this is one of those scary things that happen to people. This plague, as most plagues do, happened overseas in 1518. People actually danced themselves to the point of exhaustion, dying from pure stress, heart attacks or strokes. This plague started with one person and grew to 400 in less than a month! Certain report even said that this plague killed 15 people just in one day. No one seems to know the reasoning behind this plague, even today, nor do they know exactly why many of the people just danced no-stop and even to their death.


Solitary Confinement

Solitary confinement in prisons is a touchy subject with a lot of researchers stating that it doesn’t help prisoners and can actually cause them to go insane and have many more issues. Eastern State Penitentiary was the first to use solitary confinement, going beyond the usual solitary confinement everyone knows of today, and is notorious for paranormal activity.

There have been many sightings since the 1940’s and onwards, getting more and more sightings since abandonment in 1971. Do stay away from cell block 4, 6, and 12 as ghostly faces have been witnessed by several people; shadowy figures have been seen sliding down walls; and evil cackling is heard in each one of these cells.


Psychic Powers

There are many beliefs that everyone has psychic powers and that they just need to be awakened. This can come back to the Third Eye and open yours. There is the thing about gut feelings, meaning people can somehow get a hunch that something is going to happen, especially bad or bloody things. Perhaps people’s psychic abilities link back to another world such as those you find in the Bible, or a parallel universe. Maybe it’s a connection with spirits like the God itself. Or, it may be something else entirely. No matter what psychic power it is, supernatural things can always give a chill, especially during nights or when you are alone. This makes it definitely among the scary things that happen to people.


The Mandela Effect

There are so many theories on where we came from, about other life forms, and of course, on whether or not there are parallel universes. The Mandela Effect falls under the parallel universes theory, which is what happens when people have clear memories of something that have never happened in reality.

So many people throughout the world have similar memories about past events, people, places and things. Sounds fine, but those memories are contrary to or differ from facts in newspaper archives, history books and so on. Weirder still, these shared memories of things never happened according to history records link everyone, or many, together, giving great insights into the existence of parallel universes. Think back and try to remember if you grew up with the "Bernstein Bears" or the "Berstain Bears" as a kid. And, no, the name apparently never was changed.


Déjà Vu

Who hasn’t seen the movie Groundhog Day? Being stuck to repeat the same day over and over again is beyond terrifying, not to mention ridiculously annoying. Déjà vu is a mind and body phenomenon that gives you the feeling that you have already done and seen the things that are happening now. A little different from what happened in the movie, and even weirder. No one seems to know why people experience déjà vu. Is it past life experiences creeping into the present, an out of body experience, or a neural misfire in our ever complicated brains? Our innocence about this puts it on the list of scary things that happen to people.


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