There are some touching moments in sports movies. Below is a list of mine. Create your own list if you have some more.

Part 1


"Brian's Song:" Gale Sayers' Acceptance Speech

Brian's Song teaches the audience about the value and importance of friendship. The main character is a white football player diagnosed with terminal cancer. His friendship with a black teammate, Gale Sayers, is detailed in the speech and has been recognized as one of the saddest moments in the film.


"Friday Night Lights:" Bobbie Breaks Down

Bobbie Miles tears his ACL and with it, an opportunity to play football in the near future. The scene where he actually breaks down is moving, because the injury puts his promising career in doubt.


"Warrior:" Hotel Scene

The main character is a recovering alcoholic who is also the father of a promising mixed martial arts star. He is trying to recover, not only from alcoholism, but also from a strained relationship with his son. However, his son responds by throwing coins in his father's face.


"The Wrestler:" Boardwalk Scene

Mickey Rourke plays a weathered pro-wrestling outcast. In this scene, his speech about valuing the wrong things in life provokes the audience to shed a tear and question their own values.


"Rudy:" Dreams Scene

Rudy's father openly and bluntly dissects and diminishes his son's football dreams and ambitions. When the audience witnesses the transformation that takes place on Rudy's face, they perceive his inner pain and shed a tear for his heartbreak.



Really most of the movie is an opportunity to sob into your handkerchief, but the final montage is especially heart warming.



One can not have a list like this and not include Rocky. He may have trained hard and fought hard, but he also lost hard. It was all OK in the end, with the approval of Adrian and her love.


"A League of Their Own"

Who didn't break down when Betty learned the fate of George, when Dottie and Kit fought and she switched teams, and during the heartwarming finish to the movie?


"We Are Marshall:" Six Sons Speech

The scene is beyond moving and emotional. When the football coach takes the rest of his team to the graves of their teammates who died in the crash, not many on the screen and in the audience can restrain tears.


"The Hurricane:" Rubin Carter Breaks Down

Rubin Carter received a 19-year prison sentence for murders he did not commit. His confinement nearly kills him. The main character's transformation from a once tough athlete into an emotional cripple is very difficult to bear.


"Hardball:" G-Baby Dies

G-Baby is a bright, promising individual who represents the better part of his community. He is much younger than the rest of the team, but it doesn't stop him from being one of the best. His death, right after winning the pre-championship game, stings the audience straight to the heart.


"Radio:" When the mom dies

Cuba Gooding Jr. delivers an Oscar-worthy performance after his mother passes away.


"Remember the Titans:" Gerry Bertier Hospital Scene

After the tragic car accident, Gerry Bertier is paralyzed from his waist down. His former rival, Julius Campbell, is afraid to even utter a word in the presence of his friend. He nearly breaks down in tears, but Julius's mother encourages him to be strong, not only for himself, but also for his teammate and her son.


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