Sorrento is the main portal to the island of Capri, a popular Italian resort. It is located on the western coast halfway between Rome and the lower portion of the “boot” of Italy. Capri is situated around two miles from the coast of Sorrento and is close by Amalfi, Mount Vesuvius, and Pompeii. You can get to Sorrento by car, otherwise you have to go through Naples, which is the closest main city. You have several options when trying to get from Rome to Sorrento.

Rome to Sorrento by Air

If you are thinking of travelling to Sorrento from Rome, the nearest airport is in Naples. While the Naples airport is about 30 miles north, there are several international airports in Sorrento which is about 165 miles to the south of Rome.

One of the closest airports that travels to Sorrento from Rome is Capocichino which is also known as the Naples Airport. The airport has two terminals – the first one is for flights that are departing and the second one is for charter flights and is not on the airfield. The flight from Rome to the airport is fairly quick and once there you can catch one of the bus services to complete your trip to Sorrento.

Cheap flights from Rome to Sorrento

Rome to Sorrento by Train

Getting to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast from Rome is best achieved by taking a train that travels to Naples from Rome. The Cirumvesuviana train is private and it will get you to the Amalfi Peninsula and Sorrento. Getting to Sorrento from the main train station in Rome is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Getting from Rome to Naples

On the first step you have to get a train from Rome’s major train station, Roma Termini, and go to the main train station in Naples, Napoli Centrale. The trains run continuously between the train stations from morning at 4:52 am until 22:13 every evening. You can go right to the Trenitalia site and look over the schedules and buy tickets right there.


Step 2: Getting from Naples to Sorrento

If you prefer to take the private train, the Circumvesuviana Trains go from the main train station in Naples to the Amalfi Peninsula and Sorrento. To get tickets for these trains you need to go downstairs at the Naples train station. The tickets are not expensive as you would think and they can be purchased at the Circumvesuviana station. It will take a little over one hour to get to Sorrento.

Train from Naples to Sorrento

Rome to Sorrento by Sea

Because Sorrento is located along the cost, getting there by boat gives you another way to reach this breathtaking city. You can travel by hydrofoil or by ferry and reach Sorrento in about 20 to 35 minutes. The boats run several times on the hour every day.

Rome to Sorrento by Car

If you are thinking about driving to Sorrento it is about 50kms or about 31 miles. If you are arriving from the north you will be heading on the A 2 Rome-Naples; if you are coming from the south, you will be travelling on the A 16 Bari-Naples. You will then get yourself on the A 3 Highway; drive until you see the exit at Castellammare of Stabia. You will find yourself at the SS Sorrentine 145 and be on your way to Sorrento.

You can pick up a rental car at the Naples airport. Keep some change available to pay the tolls as you reach them. Traveling along the coast via the SS 145 Highway will provide you with an extraordinary view that you may never have access to again. If you have the chance, travelling to Sorrento by car is the way to go.

Rome to Sorrento by Bus

If you are looking for an easier way to get to Sorrento from Rome, you can sign up for the Marrozzi bus. This company offers a private motor coach that leaves from the Tiburtina Station in Rome. You can check the company’s website to check what time the bus leaves and if there have been any changes to the schedules. Go to  for more information.

The regular bus schedule from Rome to Sorrento is as follows:

Weekdays: Departs Rome at 7:00 – Arrives at Sorrento at 11:10

Sundays & Holidays: Departs at 15:30 –Arrives at 18:45


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