Doctors have always had a reputation as being wealthy and a good catch for any woman. While that may not be true for every doctor it is more than true for these doctors. The net worth of these doctors goes to extremes but many of them made their money doing things other than medicine.

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Patrick Soon Shiong

This doctor turned entrepreneur turned philanthropist made his fortune revolutionizing cancer treatment. He is now considered the richest doctor in the world with a net worth closing in on $12 billion. He has put his wealth to good use, helping to fund children’s hospitals and looking for solutions to rising health care costs.


Thomas Frist

This doctor worked as an air force surgeon before working with his father to form a hospital conglomerate. His company makes over $29 billion a year buying and selling hospitals. So Dr. Thomas Frist now has a net worth of over $7 billion. He has been inducted into the Healthcare Hall of Fame and received the United Way Lifetime Achievement Award.


Phillip Frost

While he never actually practiced medicine, Dr. Phillip Frost did receive his doctorate in medicine before he went on to teach dermatology. He would later found a pharmaceutical company called Ivax and then sell it for $7.8 billion. He is now chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals and has a net worth of $3.8 billion.


Wu Yiling

Wu Yiling comes from a long line of doctors and he practiced Chinese medicine for 11 years before he made his real fortune. He founded a pharmaceutical company in 1992 and sells herbal medicines for a wide range of ailments. His company is doing very well as this self-made doctor has a net worth of $1.7 billion.


Gary Michelson

Gary Michelson is known for his ingenuity with over 250 patents in orthopedic device, instruments and methods in his name. He got his fortune of $1.55 billion after a legal settlement with Medtronic over the use of his patents. He is now a strong advocate for animals and has created the Michelson prize in order to find a non-surgical way to sterilize dogs and cats.


Dr. Phil

With an annual salary of $80 million and a net worth of $280 million this television personality has definitely made his degree work for him. His degree in psychology led him to a respectable career as a psychologist which led to numerous appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show which led to his own talk show. The Dr. Phil Show is one of the top daytime television shows on the air today.


James Andrews

Perhaps one of the few doctors on this list to make his fortune as a practicing doctor, Dr. James Andrews is the go to surgeon for athletes. He is the top surgeon at Andrews sports medicine and Orthopaedic Center. He has a net worth of anywhere from $10 to $100 million with sites disagreeing on the exact figure. Either way he is the first place any injured player goes to make sure they are getting the best care available.


Terry Dubrow

Terry Dubrow is one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in Orange County. His popularity has grown through his appearances on television shows like The Swan and the Real Housewives of Orange County. His waiting list is 6 months long and his net worth is over $30 million.


Leonard Hochstein

Yet another plastic surgeon who is topping the charts as among the wealthiest doctors. Dr. Leonard Hochstein has a net worth of over $20 million that he gained from being one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami. He specializes in breast enhancements and his wife has recently been named as the new addition to The Real Housewives of Miami.


Robert Rey

Another plastic surgeon proving once again that there is a reason for the stereotype that plastic surgeons make a lot of money. Robert Rey has made over 100 different television appearances with the most popular being his appearances on Dr. 90210. He is known throughout Beverly Hills as one of the best plastic surgeons and has created a net worth of over $15 million.


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