Story telling is a part of every culture; the way of history being handed down from generation to generation. Paranormal stories or real ghost stories are often brushed aside just because many don’t want believe what they can’t see, but some of these are true, even if you choose not to believe.

5 Real Ghost Stories That'll Keep You Up all Night


Where Now?

Lying in the dirt of the dark woods, my heart was racing from fear after all I had been through. Why more? The cabin (shack really) was my last resort; I didn’t think it would push me away. My family never protected me from my father, even when it was obvious he beat me for the hell of it. I grew up in the woods by the old quarry, and that’s where I found the cabin. Slowing stashing emergency supplies there, I knew one day it would be where I ran to. 

The day quickly came; even my mother couldn’t help me. My first night in the cabin was a backpack for a pillow and a small blanket, neither was comfortable. That’s when my “pillow” was pulled from under me and my blanket as well. As I jumped to my feet, a great force pushed me out the door, there was no one with me and my supplies were flying at my face. That’s when I tripped in the woods and ran as fast as I could.



Child of New Orleans

It was the days following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, as an Air Force Reservist in Texas we were called into the 9th ward to help where the levy had broken. We walked the streets for days, looking for those who were living and needing help. Many houses were boarded up or washed away. 

In the middle of everything, there was a plantation style house that was not boarded up or marked as empty by other emergency crews. I didn’t expect to see the girl in the second floor window or for her to smile and wave—we were surrounded by destruction and death. As I tried to call for her mother, I was distracted by people in the streets asking for help. I turned back and she was gone, that’s when the older gentleman told me, the house had been empty for so many years. 

However, later in the midst of chaos, I saw the little girl smiled and waved again. I turned to speak to another victim and he just told me the same. I don’t believe ghosts or anything, but I did see her and I was so scared that I will never go pass that house again!



The Man in a Suit

As a family of seven, money was short, so the house we could afford was just that. It was not welcoming and didn’t feel as though it was our home. There was not a room in the house that felt…normal, not even the bathroom. I was young back then. I had seen, felt and heard things that I thought on one else had. 

One day, when I was playing with my little brother in the living room, I glanced up a man in a blue suit, standing in the living room with us. I said hello to him, but he was not a physical being, he was gently glowing. Carrying a briefcase, he was walking towards one of the recliners like he just walked in from work. Half way there he just disappeared. I looked at my brother and he appeared again—walked to the recliner, sat and looked directly into my eyes, that’s when I ran screaming down the hall. 

It wasn’t until years later that my mother told me her experiences of that house. Thanks God my mom told me this, or I would have thought I was out of my mind!



Aunt Helen’s Attic

As the oldest child of the family, I was in charge when it was time for Aunt Helen and mom to go Christmas shopping. The old house was big and we could run around for hours, playing our version of hide and seek. 

Since I was in charge, I got the blindfold. As everyone ran around the house, hiding from me, I heard the loudest whistle come from the attic. I made my way to the attic closet and the giggles and whistle grew louder. I was going to find them and win! I heard a heavy breathing and knew I was about to get Mike, poor chubby kid, his breathing was so loud. I carefully guarded the attic closet with my body as I opened the door, I didn’t want him to escape. Quickly, I opened the door and grabbed him up, Mike felt skinny and that was weird! I let go of him and snatched my blindfold off, there was no one there! Just then, the little ones came running into the attic, including Mike. I told mum and Aunt Helen about this, but they just laughed at me. Really hope that was just my imagination.



The Dishwasher Is On

While my family and I were winding down for the night watching TV, my dad asked, “What was running, what was that noise?” It was the dishwasher, and yes, we all knew what it sounded like. My mom looked surprised and said she didn’t turn it on, neither did anyone else, we were all in the same room and had been for about an hour. 

Later that night when I was lying in bed, thinking what happened back then and heard something moving, so I opened my eyes and saw a young boy appeared who was about four or five years old. He was sitting on the edge of my bed smiling. I asked if he turned the dishwasher on, he mouthed, “I was just playing.” Before I could comprehend, he added, “Gotta go now, bye.” I felt a small hand touch my hand, but when I tried to touch him, he was gone already. Isn’t it creepy?



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