Remember how all your friends acted when you told them you were engaged? Well that's probably how they'll react to your pregnancy news as well. With a baby on the way, they'll either be living vicariously through you and buying all the baby clothes or offering their own parenting advice. Either way, you'll definitely experience these reactions from your friends when you tell them you're with child.

Part 1


They Start Crying Hysterically... Maybe Even More Than You Did

Emotional dads? Your in-laws? Your own parents? Your pet? There's no doubt that as stoked as you are for your own little one, your friends and family are beyond ecstatic for him/her to arrive as well. Baby news is probably the one thing that can turn even the most serious, poker face person into a blubbering fool, and with good reason.


The Gape & Wide-Eyes

This is inevitable and usually occurs before the flapping of arms in the air, the tears of joy, and all the hugging.


Jumping Up & Down Like They're Tigger

Bouncing up and down after hearing that your best friend or family member is pregnant is a completely normal reaction. After all, it seems like just yesterday that you and your friend were sitting at a coffee shop talking about high school boys, or that your little girl was celebrating her college graduation. Now there's a baby on board? Unreal!


Initial Denial

"Shut up, no. No you're not." Despite what you might believe, this actually isn't a negative response, but is simply caused by that person being completely stunned. I mean the last thing on their mind that day was that their loved one was going to tell them they're pregnant.


They Immediately Start Planning Things for You

Sometimes people get way ahead of themselves, but that's to be expected when they're surprised with news as thrilling as you having a baby. So if anything, this person probably starts planning your baby shower immediately after hearing about your pregnancy, asks you if you've thought of a theme for the baby's room yet, or even if you've started thinking of names. This response might be overwhelming but obviously they mean well.

"My friend is obsessed with monogramming everything and she said, 'Oh my God! Do you know the initials yet?' I was 9 weeks pregnant. When I wouldn't tell her the gender she was going insane about it because it was just ruining her monogramming plans."


From One Mother to Another, They Offer You Words of Advice

If you're not the first of your friends to get pregnant, then you'll be lucky enough to have them there to help you out when you finally pop. For instance, should you check to see if that brown smudge on your child's face is what you think it is or just wipe it off and remain blissfully ignorant?


They Thank You

Perhaps it's taken some time to get pregnant or you and your partner decided to live out your newlywed life longer than expected, but either way, your parents will undoubtedly thank you repeatedly for finally bringing them a grandchild. They might even throw a "Finally!" in there when you share the good news with them.


The Confused Pause

Whether they're simply taking it all in or seriously have no idea what you're talking about, this might be one of the best reactions to pregnancy news out there. We pretty much all expect our loved ones to be excited, so when they have to take a minute to really think it over, it's pure perfection.

"When we told Tom's sister that we had something to show her and took out Ben's sonogram photos, she said, 'Well, whose baby is this?!' Like we would be carrying around someone else's sonogram photos." - Clare Goldfogle


They Scream A LOT

Hopefully you're not sharing the news with your mother around grandma, because you'll have to warn her to turn her hearing aid down if you do. I can't even imagine how my mum would react whenever my brother and his wife have a baby (no pressure, y'all), but if she is one to scream upon hearing pregnancy news, I'm sure it'll be heard around the world.


The Use of "We" When Referring to Your Baby

"Oh my gosh, we're pregnant!" That's a pretty normal response from your partner... but from your mum? Basically, when you get pregnant, everyone gets pregnant.


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