Switching email client is nothing new, nor is the practice of migrating data from one application to other. However, the manner in which this task is achieved varies among applications due to their different set of functioning and set-up. One such query came from a user, who wanted to know how to import mail from eM Client to Outlook.

Therefore, I decided to write about this, Let us start by looking at the query I received and the solution that I provided.

Query: The decision to use eM Client was very random for me; I purchased a laptop some months ago. A friend just mentioned about eM Client and that I might try it, so I thought why not. However, after some time I started having some problems with it. The problem is not with the application. It works finely, but there are some restrictions for using it. For example, the first thing is that I cannot add more than 2 accounts in eM Client as I am using the free version; the second is that its toolbar is not configure with it and some features is also not available with the free version. Frankly, I am not willing to pay for something, which I can have free, so I have decided to switch into Outlook. I have everything set for the migration, but the problem is I do not know how to import mail from eM Client to Outlook. Please give me advice on how to proceed with this, so I can start working with Outlook?

Suggested Solution: This is just one query, but there are different user with somewhat the same problem. When you decide to move eM Client to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, the first thing you need to find out is, if there is any inbuilt tool in either one of the applications to export/import emails.

Regrettably, in eM Client no option of exporting to Outlook is available and in Outlook no import option for eM Client is present. If you just have emails, then you can forward them from eM Client to Outlook, but the emails can be disorganized in the process.

Alternative to this is the eM Client Converter tool, which with a simple and subtle way gets emails from eM Client connected to Exchange/Outlook with every single detail. This software is much required for the task as Outlook is known for saving emails in PST format, which eM Client does not. So this is the only choice users have to convert the emails of eM Client into PST format so that they can be accessible in Outlook. Another plus point of using the software is that it will maintain the structure as well as the data of the emails.

The working of the software is rather simple, but first let’s have a look at the process to extract emails from eM Client for conversion.

Part 1


Steps for Extracting eM Client Emails

  • In eM Client go to File >> Export;

  • In the Export Dialogue Box, you will see a list of conversion option “Choose the first option” >> Next;

  • Give a location to save the emails, Browse >> Finish.


Got the eM Client emails, next, get Outlook Import eM Client data files

  • Launch eM Client Converter;

  • In the software Windows, you can see 2 options. If there is only 1 emails folder, then choose the FIRST option and if you have more than 1 email folders, then choose the SECOND option;

  • Once the selection is done, the list of folders selected is on display. Next, you choose an Output Folder location and click on Next;

  • Then the software starts conversion and shows a message on its completion;


Now that you have the eM Client mails in PST, they can now be imported and viewed in Outlook without difficulties.

Other queries you may have:

I was using eM Client in another machine and have Outlook in another, will the software support conversion?

Yes, having eM Client or Outlook installation is not compulsory for the software. Just have the emails from the eM Client, and you can easily import emails of eM Client to New Computer Outlook as well.

Will it be required to have a latest Outlook version to view the Outlook import eM Client data?

No, that is not required; any Outlook version will do.

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