It is true that fairy tales have already made their way into Hollywood; in fact, they've been coming quite regularly to the big screen. People love the idea of brave girls and boys who can talk to animals and overcome any difficulty. The interesting thing is that though all Disney fairy tale movies have happy endings, the original Disney stories are quite different and have much more gruesome details that you will discover in the next few moments.

Original Disney Stories That Will Ruin Your Childhood!



Disney Version: Elsa and Anna, two orphaned princesses, live together but there's an unseen wall between them, which is mainly because Elsa has magical ice powers and she wants to keep Anna out of harm. Elsa then reveals her powers and takes her kingdom to an ice age. She runs away, but Anna finally makes her come backā€¦ and they live happily ever after.

Original Version: Frozen is the adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen". In the story, a boy named Kai and a girl named Gerda are best friends living next door to each other. But Kai is kidnapped by the Snow Queen. She gives him two kisses which numb him from coldness and erase all his memory. Then Gerda goes on a long journey to rescue Kai. She finally finds him and gives him a kiss which thaws his frozen heart. So Elsa is actually an Evil Queen in the original story.



Disney Version: It is the story of a Native American princess Pocahontas who falls in love with a British colonist John Smith. This romance raises tension between the colonists and her tribe, but she shows courage and saves Smith from her father. This act of valor brings peace to their lives. Disney really produced a romanticized portrayal of the Pocahontas' life.

Original Version: Originally, after John Smith went back to England, Pocahontas was kidnapped by Samuel Argall to ransom her for English prisoners held by her father when she was on a visit to the Jamestown colonist. Then a tobacco planter named John Rolfe married Pocahontas with the condition of her release. But she died of disease or being poisoned when returning to Virginia at the age of 21. There's no evidence if she actually saved John Smith or not. The story is not as romantic as Disney movie, isn't it?



Disney Version: Who doesn't know the story of a wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy? The Disney movie adaptation shows how Pinocchio rescues Geppetto from the whale and how the Blue Fairy rewards him with human life.

Original Version: The story is yet another example of Disney dark secrets they keep to make these fairy tales work. The "real" Pinocchio is in Carlo Collodi story. He gets Gepetto arrested for child abuse and kills Jimmy Cricket! Then Pinocchio makes innumerable faults and ignores the ghost of the cricket's warning. Finally, Fox and Cat hangs him from a tree where he dies of suffocation. What a sad story!


The Jungle Book

Disney Version: It's the story about how a pack of wolves raises a human boy, Mowgli. One night, the wolf tribe learns that a man-eating tiger has returned to jungle. His wolf-mother sends him to humans for his safety. Though he is unwilling to join the human society, he finally changes his mind when falling in love with a human girl.

Original Version: Do you think the Jungle Book is one of original Disney stories? You'd better think again. Rudyard Kipling is the author of the original "The Jungle Book" and it doesn't have a happy-ending, as the humans banish Mowgli again to the jungle and torture the family that took him in. Mowgli returns with a bloodthirsty elephant and a pack of wolves to stomp houses into dust and kill everyone.


Sleeping Beauty

Disney Version: The story ends when the prince defeats a dragon and kisses the princess to wake her up from her slumber. Yet another Disney creation with an encouraging ending, but the reality is different.

Original Version: Sleeping Beauty is not one of the real Disney stories; the plot is taken from Giambattista Basile's 17th century tale called "Sun, Moon, and Talia". The original story has no kissing from the prince. He is the king actually and he rapes the sleeping Talia instead. She wakes up after several months with two babies, Moon and Sun, and reunites with the king.


The Lion King

Disney Version: Everyone loves how a young lion cub finds out how his uncle killed his father and takes revenge by sending him back to hell. The help from Pumba and Timon is worth praising as well.

Original Version: Many people don't know that The Lion King is actually an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The only thing is that no one lives in Shakespeare's version. Another not-so-happy ending!


The Fox and the Hound

Disney Version: Disney managed to wow the audience with a kickass bear fighting scene and a happy ending with Copper the Hound showing courage to protect Todd the Fox. Todd finds a vixen for her and Copper lives his life as a working dog.

Original Version: The original author of this story is Daniel P. Mannix. It tells how a bloodthirsty hound kills the fox (including the vixen and her cubs) that killed another hound on a previous hunt.



Disney Version: The Disney version shows the battle between Hercules and Hades. The story involves another character, Meg, a charming woman appointed by Hades to find Hercules's weakness, but she falls in love with him just like it happens in all Disney fairy tales. Hades asks Hercules to give up his powers to get Meg back, but Hades goes back on his word. It ends when a Cyclops kills Meg, which automatically restores Hercules' powers. He kills everyone and brings Meg back to life.

Original Version: Well, it's not among the original Disney stories because the original Hercules, as depicted by the Greeks, was a sexual beast. He even married Megara, but the goddess Hera drove him mad and he killed Megara and his children.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Disney Version: Quasimodo the hunchback saves Esmeralda from the evil Frollo and throws him into the flames. He then gives Esmeralda to Phoebus, the nearest Aryan man, and teaches us that noble deeds are more important than pretty appearance.

Original Version: In the original story, Quasimodo is a deaf, deformed hunchback who definitely kills Frollo, but only after he betrays Esmeralda and watches her being hanged. No fire is involved in the real story either, as Quasimodo tosses the villain off the cathedral. Then Quasimodo stays with her dead body in graveyard and finally dies of starvation. 



Disney Version: The Disney movie ends when Tantor the Elephant saves Tarzan and Jane from the evil Clayton. Our hero rushes to help the gorillas and kills Clayton. Jane later comes back to reunite with Tarzan.

Original Version: In the original story, Jane meets Tarzan, falls for her, but later returns to America and marries another man. Tarzan follows her to warn her about a forest fire, and later expresses his feelings, but that's too late because Jane is already engaged to Clayton. So Jane stays in Clayton's estate and Tarzan keeps living in the jungle. What a mess!


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