A company offers a job verbally on the phone or in person after the interview. However, when a job offer letter is handed over, it is a formal document for the job.

The offer letter will give include details of the position for which the job has been offered, the salary, the date of joining, various employee benefits and other retirement programs.

Things to Include in a Job Offer

The employment offer letter or contract for any new employees should include the below details:

  • The position & title for which the job is being offered

  • Job requirements like the credentials necessary for the post, the education, skills, experience and licenses, if required.

  • The date of joining and end date of the position,

  • Salary, compensation details and any other forms of wages.

  • Details of the employer – name & address, address of job location and contact details of the person from the company who is familiar with the job.

Offer Letter Samples


P.O.Box 123, XYZ City, ABC State

Phone: 555-555-0000

January 01, 2000

Offer Letter

John Doe

123, EFG Street,

LMN City, 10210

Dear John Doe,

We at Acme Technical Enterprises are pleased to offer you the post of Engineer Lead. We are sure that you will be an asset to our organization with your skills, knowledge and experience.

If you accept the offer letter, you will be entitled for the following:

Salary: Annual gross salary of $65,000, paid monthly by direct deposit

Performance Bonus: Up to 3% of annual gross salary, paid quarterly by direct deposit

Stock Options: 400 Acme stock options in your first year, fully vested in four years at the rate of 100 shares per year


Given below are the standard benefits provided to salaried Acme employees:

  • Annual stock option

  • Daycare assistance for children

  • Education assistance

  • Insurance covering health, dental, disability and life

  • Profit sharing

  • Sick leave, vacation and personal days

  • 401k retirement account

To accept the job offer:

  • Sign and date the job offer letter indicated below

  • Sign and date the enclosed documents – Non-Compete Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, and At-Will Employment Confirmation.

  • All the signed and dated documents should be mailed back to us in a business envelope by 17th January 2000.

  • New-Hire Orientation program should be attended on 21st January 2000 at 8:00 am.

To decline the job offer:

  • Sign and date the job offer letter as indicated below

  • All the document should be mailed back to us in a business envelope by 17th January 2000

If you accept the job offer, the day of New-Hire Orientation will be considered as date of joining. Please read the new hire package for complete and new-hire instructions and other information about Acme offers.

Your immediate supervisor will be Janice Smith, Department Manager for Engineering.


Mark White

Hiring Coordinator

Human Resources


Accept Job Offer

By signing and dating this letter, I, John Doe, accept this job offer for Engineering Lead by Acme Technical Enterprises.

Signature: ________________________ Date: ___________________

Decline Job Offer

By signing and dating this letter, I, John Doe, decline this job offer for Engineering Lead by Acme Technical Enterprises.

Signature: ________________________ Date: ___________________


Company name & Address


Dear Mr. / Miss. / Mrs. / Ms. ABC

Congratulations! We are pleased to let you know that you have been selected to work at the Amaze Inc., Sales Department. Following is the job offer:

You are being offered the position of Team Lead with a salary of $35,000 per year. You will be reporting to the Team Manager (Name). The working hours will be (working hours or workdays). The position is (permanent / Contract).

You will be offered the following benefits available for this position:

  • Vacation / Leave: ________ Days / Weeks annually

  • Probation Period: From __________ to _________

  • Benefits: Insurance for Life / Health / Disability / Dental

The date of joining will be (start date & time). You should report to (Name & Department) for orientation program and other joining formalities.

Kindly sign the enclosed copy and return by (specific date) to indicate the acceptance of the job offer.

We are looking forward to working with you.


[Name of the person making the job offer]




I accept the offer as outlined above:

Name: ____________________ Sign & Date: ____________________

Principles for a Perfect Offer Letter

A perfect offer letter needs to include all the necessary information of a position. Given below are some principles to ensure that you do not lose out on the perfect employee and write the perfect offer letter.

Act Fast

When you have decided on a candidate, do not delay in sending across the offer letter. Contact the candidate on the day of the final interview or within a day or two, which reduces the candidate's stress of post interview waiting. Time is crucial when it comes to recruitment.


Make the Call

When a call is made instead of an email or letter, you can gauge the excitement of the candidate and show your pleasure at hiring the candidate as well.


Show Enthusiasm

You can be professional yet enthusiastic at the same time. You should convey how happy you are to recruit the candidate and how impressed you are with them. When offering the job, the employee-employer relationship starts and it depends largely on you, how you make it memorable for them.


10% Pay Rise

A minimum 10% pay hike is expected by candidate when switching jobs. They would not settle for jobs with the same or lower pay scale, unless they are in some unusual circumstances. You should not offer lower pay unless you have concrete reasons for doing so, even though you should rethink about it.


Explain Salary

It is important to explain the salary structure in detail to the candidate. The base salary, bonus, benefits should be explained. Health benefits offered should also be described along with any other perks offered. The salary structure with proper breakdown should be given in written. The candidate should not feel cheated in terms of the salary.


Get Commitment from Candidate

When a candidate asks for more time to consider the offer, you should agree, but you can ask questions. You might get an idea about the candidate’s interest in the job and if they plan to reject the offer. It is the right time to resolve any doubts the person might have.


Confirm by Writing

One you have given a verbal offer, you should send the same detail in an offer letter by email or letter. Ensure that you include all the details of the job – title, salary, benefits, vacations and perks, etc. You can set a deadline of three days for the candidate to respond to the offer letter.


Share the Pain

It is difficult for the candidate to resign from the current job and most of them decline the offer, when their current company offers them a counter-offer. Show sensitivity towards the feelings of the candidate, since they will be under stress and anxiety.


Ask Directly

If you do not get any response from the candidate or if you are unable to gauge the level of interest in the post, you can ask the candidate if you can inform the other candidates about the job offer status. When direct question is asked, very few candidates will lie, since it can affect other’s chances as well.


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