There is probably nothing worse than your business or home being damaged by water or mold. They turn even the most expensive objects into useless products and all of your investment is flushed down the drain. The damage that is caused due to these elements is extensive, and hence, it has to be treated accordingly to prevent things from getting seriously damaged. Hence, it is extremely important to take the right steps regarding water damage, and getting it treated at the earliest. Ultra Clean Services Corporation is well equipped and well prepared to handle water or mold related problems, irrespective of how large the problem may be.

No Water Damage Restoration Is Too Big for Us

Water Damage

The one element that is most destructive, even more than what fire can cause is water damage. There is a very simple reason behind it, water results in a lot of damage immediately and as long as it remains stagnant, it will continue to damage everything around it. Standing water poses a serious problem to flooring, carpet and drywall. It is also poses a great danger to the HVAC and electrical systems on the property as well. It also results in the wood to rot prematurely and metals to rust and these can compromise on the strength of the structure.

There are several cases where the water damage is on a very small scale. It generally occurs as a lead which may remain unnoticed. However, by the time it does get noticed (weeks or months later) this minor problem would’ve caused significant damage. There are times when the leaks are found very easily, while on other occasions these might occur above the ceiling or behind the drywall. Since these aren’t visible to plain sight, these go unnoticed for a very long time. When it does get discovered, flooring may have been ruined or drywall might have swelled and flaked. There may even be occurrence of mold as well. Generally leaks occur due to wear and tear of pipes or due to torrential rains.

There are cases when the water damage might have been caused due to floods, storms, ice, snow or sleet. Floods are quite powerful and they may shift the home off its foundation. Hence, the structure may be in danger of collapsing. Just a depth of an inch may result in damage worth thousands of dollars. Water damage restoration removes this stagnant water, dry everything and restore the structure to its original condition.

Our Services

Ultra Clean Service Corporation provides complete restoration, with trained professionals who are experienced in everything with respect to the restoration industry. Our team assess all your restoration needs carefully and accordingly devises a plan which will help remove water off of your property. In several cases emergency services are provided on the very same day and all of our work has been backed up by the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Just a single call made to our customer service, will get you a technician onsite, absolutely ready to begin with the process of restoration.

Mold Removal

The most common by-product resulting due to water damage is mold. It generally begins to appear within just 48 hours from when the flooding or water damage first occurred. Molds develop wherever there is enough moisture and this mold needs to be removed professionally. Once mold has sustained itself in one spot, it spreads to just about everywhere, post which it can prove to be difficult to remediate. These generally appear as black or green stain either on the walls or the pipe. This is generally accompanied with an unpleasant smell. Most of these molds are generally harmful, while a few may result in serious health issues. Exposure to mold might result in allergic reactions to skin irritation and everything in between like neurological or respiratory disorders. It is important that mold is dealt with immediately after discovery.

While the smaller mold growth might be removed with mold agents or cleaners that are commercially available. However, the larger growths need to be handled professionally. This is because one disruption to the mold colony might spread the spores in the air, which spread all around your home. This in turn will result in several mold colonies breeding in your residence.


There is a twofold treatment to this problem... a) removing the mold growth successfully, and b) treating the infected area to ensure that the mold does not return again. If the area that was affected has a right amount of moisture and humidity, then the mold almost always grows back. Hence, the area needs to have sufficient ventilation while the humidity must be lowered down to acceptable limit to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Our Team

Our team comprising of professionally technicians have been trained and certified to remove mold and remediate. We examine the problem and ensure that your home or business is mold free, without putting at risk your family or the structure. We also take the necessary steps to ensure that mold does not return. As already mentioned, we guarantee that the job is always done in the right manner.


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