For more than 50 million people in the United States, the sleep struggle is very real. Statistics show that a third of Americans get less than 7 hours of shut-eye per night. There are people who find it difficult to go to sleep, and then there are those who have problem staying asleep. Interestingly, many people rely on music to deal with their sleep issues.

Play Some Music and Enjoy a Sound Sleep

It is true that most people prefer silence to go to sleep, but others find it easier to sleep when listening to relaxing music. You can also find a long playlist of music to fall asleep to and try different tracks to find what helps you overcome your sleep problems. Here are some excellent suggestions:

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

It is yet another nice track for anyone to go to sleep. The free digital music service Spotify asked people to create their favorite playlists and they ended up having 3 million user-generated, sleep-themed playlists, and "Thinking Out Loud" dominated the charts. You should certainly give it a go if you have a hard time going to sleep.


All of Me by John Legend

What makes this song perfect is the voice of the singer. The lyrics are impressive too and work great to remind you of someone you love with all their perfect imperfections. It actually shows you that when you truly love someone, you accept them will all their personality flaws. With its slow tempo, the song will certainly help make it easier to drift to dreamland.


Weightless by Marconi Union

This track by the British band is one of the very best sleep aids you can find out there. They call this eight-minute snooze-fest "Weightless" and believe that it works because it is created in collaboration with sound therapists. The track works great to help lower blood pressure and heart rate with the help of beautifully arranged harmonies featuring the piano, guitar, and more. It is certainly a great choice for anyone looking for the best music to fall asleep to.


Let Her Go by Passenger

The combination of rich, finger-plucked acoustic guitar and nasally voice of the singer makes this song a real hit. It also uses understated drums to give the track a full sound. You may not become a fan of the lyrics, but they are still broad enough to be seized upon by teens. The tempo is what makes it work for people trying to go to sleep.


Leave This Behind by Lovelier Other

If you have not listened to it already, you should give it a go and it will instantly become one of your favorites. "I know I can feel you here" is a lovely tune and it will make you feel as if you are floating on a calm wave and slowly moving into sweet dreamland.


Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

Here is another one from Ed Sheeran – it is hard to complete the list of best music to fall asleep to without adding more than one from this singer. Almost all of Ed Sheeran's songs can qualify for a good sleeping playlist, but "Kiss Me" is certainly one of the best. He whispers his lyrics in the song and those mellow vocals work great to help you go to sleep. Listen to it and it will feel as if the music is covering you like a blanket.


Wanted by Hunter Hayes

You may want to opt for this track if you are more into country music. It has a country feel to it but at the same time is soft enough to help you go to sleep in no time. The lyrics are certainly impressive, but the unique voice of Hayes adds to the overall charm of this track. You will surely be snuggled up in bed by the time you reach the end of the song.


Almost Blue by Elvis Costello

You should be going for the version performed by Chet Baker if you really want something relaxing to fall asleep to. The lyrics of the song make it even impressive, and its tempo makes it work for people who like this style of music.


Skinny Love by Birdy

Birdy has really done a great job with Bon Iver's hit "Skinny Love". Her piano-fueled cover revolves around a simple video but this helps you focus more on her soaring vocals. With the piano supporting her soft and mellow voice, she has added more charm to this song, making it one of the very best music to fall asleep to.


Opus 23 by Dustin O' Halloran

This piece from O' Halloran, a self-taught pianist, is going to help relax your nerves and make it easier to go to sleep. It will definitely become of your favorite relaxing piano pieces. Listening to it for a while will make you feel as if your inner tension is starting to dissolve. Try it and see how it helps soothe you to sleep!


In a Silent Way by Miles Davis

A studio album recorded in 1969, "In a Silent Way" is considered one of the best works of Miles Davis. It is certainly awesome and is so unique at the same time that music critics still have trouble defining what style this album falls under, and that shows you skills of Miles Davis. You will certainly find it a good addition to your sleep playlist if you are into jazz, fusion, and ambient music.


River Flows in You by Yiruma

You should listen to this one too if you love relaxing piano pieces. It is the creation of a South Korean musician Yiruma, who is known for his contemporary classical style. Those who love "Opus 23" are likely to enjoy this piano piece from Yiruma.


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