You know you’re a Mean Girls fan, when you’ve watched the move at least 100 times and have learned most of its iconic dialogues (if not all of them) by heart. But here’s the thing – the movie isn’t available on Netflix all the time and one movie is just not enough for you, so what can you do when you need a fix of Mean Girls? Simple – you watch movies just like Mean Girls. We bet you didn’t even know that they existed, did you? But keep in mind – they aren’t exactly like Mean Girls. Some take place in high school while some take place in adult life (with all the drama in high school).

Movies Like Mean Girls


Picture This

The protagonist is this nerd girl but the most handsome guy in her school shows interest in her. Needless to say, the girl’s excited because this is her way out of being her school’s social pariah. BUT there’s a big catch – her parents have grounded her, which means she can’t make it to her date with the popular dude. So what does she do? The movie’s a little predictable you may say, but it’s funny and lovable, and that’s all you should care for.



Reagan High School has a group of 3 mean girls (white, thin and pretty) who decide to prank their friend by kidnapping her. However, the prank goes horribly wrong and they end up killing their friend. One of the students from the school discovers their prank and what’s worse, a detective is on to them. The plot may sound morbid, but it’s actually quite funny. And if you’re looking for movies like Mean Girls, make sure Jawbreaker is on your list.


What a Girl Wants

Daphne has never known her father, and now she's travelling to England so that she can establish a normal relationship with him. What she isn’t prepared for is the fact that her father is an important political figure, which forces her to publicly talk and behave in a manner that goes against her very nature. Does this repair their relationship, or damage it further?


Easy A

Ah, if you've ever wanted to watch how real teens behave in the real world. Cue to Easy A. The pretty Olive (Emma Stone) is a strong willed girl who doesn’t let a terrible school rumor ruin her life. Instead, she embraces it. However, things still don’t go smoothly as she finds out to her dismay that there are people out there determined to get her. Oh, and did we mention that Olive has the coolest set of teenage parents ever? The movie’s like a breath of fresh air and something you shouldn’t miss.


Uptown Girls

Meet Molly Gunn, a typical rich spoilt brat who inherits all her father’s money. Her life comes to a standstill when she is told her accountant ran away with her $100,000,000 inheritance. Desperate to pay off her mountain of bills, this childish woman agrees to become a babysitter. And her very first job is babysitting a young girl named Ray, who acts like an adult. This movie has drama, comedy and witty dialogues that will have you in splits. Who says for movies like Mean Girls have to happen in high school? Real life has its own set of drama, you people!


The Hot Chick

Meet Jessica Spenser, a typical Regina George who is always used to things going her way. Until one fine day when she accidentally switches bodies with Maxtone, a gas station robber in his 30s. Caught in her worst nightmare, Jessica must find a way to switch back to her real body, while dealing with the reality that she has been a horrible person her entire life. And for good measure, her body is now being occupied by Maxtone, who is facing his own set of problems.


10 Things I Hate About You

Remember Shakespeare's comedy The Taming of the Shrew? 10 things I hate about you is a modern adaptation of that story, with its setting in an average American high school. Cameron is a new student who immediately falls in love with Bianca, the school hotty. To find a way around her overly possessive father’s rules about dating, Cameron hires Bad boy Patrick to date Bianca's sister Kat, who’s infamous for her bad attitude. So want to know what really happens later? Watch the movie!


My Sassy Girl

This Korean movie can be watched in English subtitles, and it’s a must watch if you’re searching for movies like Mean Girls. Kyun-woo is your average Joe who is shamed into helping a bullied girl he comes across in the metro. With every passing day, the girl brings nothing but trouble for him, and yet, this does nothing for him but to develop a sense of responsibility in him for her. Will his efforts be worth it in the end?


The Devil Wears Prada

Thinking how this qualifies as a movie like Mean Girls? Well, simple. Anne Hathaway’s character is like Cady here, while her boss Meryl Streep is the high end fashion version of Regina George. She knowingly gives Anne’s character impossibly tough tasks to accomplish, and much to her surprise, Anne always passes with flying colors. And much like Cady, Anne’s character ends up winning in this game of cat and mouse against her boss!


16 Candles

15-year-old Samantha crushes on her school’s heartthrob, and unknown to her, a nerd crushes on her. And everything takes a turn for the worst when her parents forget her 16th birthday, leaving her completely humiliated in front of her friends. So what happens on the night of her birthday? Watch this movie for a lot of teenage drama that is there in Mean Girls. And laugh a lot while doing so.


The Perfect Score

6 high school seniors are desperate to get good marks in school, because of which they break into their city’s test centre to steal the test papers. They’re almost caught, because of which they end up studying for the exam and scoring average scores. Towards the end of the movie, the 6 realize that marks aren’t all that matter.

Granted, this movie is a little predictable at times and not exactly like the rest of the movies like Mean Girls mentioned in our list, but it’s still a must see if you are looking for a good laughter and we promise you’ll love it!


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