There are several sources behind the damage that is caused by water to your homes. It may be due to increase in the level of groundwater, bursting of a pipe, overflowing of the sink or other such reason. This stagnant water will cause problems right until the time that it is removed from the premises of your home or business. If the water logging problem isn’t addressed on time, it will lead to other serious problems like mold. Every homeowner will have to deal with it if they do not address the water problem immediately.

The most commonly appearing and dangerous by-product caused by water damage is mold. It is quick to appear, in a matter of a few days since the water problem and will spread right through the home. It then becomes almost impossible to remove. In other words, once there is water damage your race against time has begun. It doesn’t take long for the mold problem to go from bad to worse.

Mold, the Nastiest Side Effect of Moisture


Mold happens to occur naturally in the environment. It breaks down the dead organic matter, hence helping in keeping the Earth clean. It will grow just about anywhere just as long as it finds sufficient moisture and also nutrients to sustain it. Thousands of spores are released into the atmosphere which then finds itself a compatible environment before it begins to grow.


Once established within your home, mold grows rapidly and hence causes a lot of problem. There is sudden increase in their number and when inhaled they very easily result in illness, discomfort, skin irritations, allergy and other such problems. If disturbed, spores are released by the mold which spread right through the home in no time through the ventilation system.

Mold eats away the surface which it grows on and destroys it. Not just homes and business, but entire blocks have been demolished solely because of the mold growth that went out of control.


The removal of mold and remediation happens to be the only solution which can help in dealing with the mold problem. Mold that has grown in your home must be removed in a manner wherein the growth doesn’t spread at all. The small mold agents which are found in bathrooms and kitchens can be dealt with by homeowners using mold agents which are commercially available. However, the large mold growths need to be dealt with professionally.

There are homeowners who get their homes checked for mold. However, it isn’t always required. Mold is fuzzy in appearance, and is brown or greenish in colour usually growing on pipes or walls. It is generally accompanied with a noxious smell. When you suspect that there is mold in your premises, then chances are that you are right.

At Ultra Clean Services Corporation, we provide the finest mold removal services. It doesn’t deal with just removal of mold but also in treating it properly to ensure that the mold doesn’t grow back. In case the mold is completely removed but the humidity levels are favourable, then there is a high possibility that it will grow back. Our tools and techniques help our technicians address your mold problem, in a manner where it isn’t made worse.

When the mold is removed thoroughly, the entire area gets cleaned, disinfected and also sanitized. This procedure is known as the mold remediation. To lower the relative humidity levels, dehumidifiers may be made use of. Proper testing is carried out by our technicians to ensure that the environment is inhospitable to mold. And yes, our work comes with a comprehensive guarantee.

Service Provided by Us

We understand that water damage, as well as, mold problems need to be addressed immediately. Hence, Ultra Clean Services Corporation offers an emergency service on the very same day. Irrespective of the time and day when you call us, our technician will head straight to the property immediately. Our skilled and trained technician will identify the problem, post which they will proceed to remove the mold and get on with the remediation process. Detecting mold and treating it immediately ensures that the safety, as well as, health of the people residing within the house is not compromised. It also assures that the mold doesn’t return back.

A home is possibly the most expensive investment a person makes in his/her life. Hence, it is also an investment that you wouldn’t want to see either compromised or destroyed due to a mold problem. It affects the home’s resale value, as people do not prefer buying a home that has problems. There are a few forms of mold like the black mold, which are rare yet cause serious health problems.

At Ultra Clean Services Corporation, we provide you with a complete range of damage, as well as, restoration services which is particularly designed to completely eliminate the damage caused by water to your home. We also take care of problems which are a result of mold, mildew or dangerous toxins.


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