High school is a pivotal time in every teenager’s life. The years from ninth grade all the way up until you are a senior in high school are paired with high emotions, body image issues, peer pressure, and all of that, plus more piled on top of trying to get into a good university. In order to help you or someone you know connect a little more to what high school is all about, here is a list of the best modern movies about high school.

Top 10 High School Movies of All Time

These ten high school movies are great options to watch when you need some extra encouragement, or have questions that need to be answered by someone other than your parents. Modern movies about high school are easy to come by and all of them are worth a watch.

Boyhood (2014)

Genre: Drama

What is so great about this movie is that you are literally watching this child grow up through his own eyes. In this modern movie about high school, you will be able to feel as if you are going along the journey of growing up from childhood and beyond as if it was your own life as well. If you are looking for a movie that will leave you feeling nostalgic for childhood, then “Boyhood” is the movie for you.


Project X (2012)

Genre: Comedy, Crime

This is a very fun, edgy party movie that is about high school. The three protagonists are seniors in high school and decide to throw a massive party while their parents are away and it, of course, goes awry. I would recommend this movie because it shows that even though something may seem fun, there are risks, and rewards.


Juno (2007)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

This is a high school movie that started the world’s fascination with teenage pregnancy. The characters are so funny while still showing the absolute real life of what being pregnant and in high school is like. If you ask me my recommendation on modern movies about high scholl, I will definitely recommend this one because it presents the message the movie is attempting to portray in a way that is fun and relaxed rather than serious. 


Almost Famous (2000)

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

While the type of situations that these young teenagers put through is not the most realistic, “Almost Famous” does a fantastic job at showing the more glamorous side of being a teenager and it still sticks true to the up and down emotions. This is one of the most beautiful high school movies I have ever seen.


American Pie (1999)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

If you can watch rated-r high school movies, then watching American Pie franchise is the most hilarious way to find out about life in high school. Even though the entire movie is much exaggerated, it does a great job at showing how evident sex is on teenagers’ minds. Your parents might make you watch it with them and cover your ears, but still it is definitely worth a watch.


American Beauty (1999)

Genre: Drama

This is definitely the most sexual movie on this list of modern movies about high school, and it is also most cinematically beautiful. Young teenage girls in high school typically do have crushes on their friend’s dads or teachers, but this movie shows what could happen if that crush goes too far. It worth watching, but you should watch it when you’re older.


Dazed and Confused (1993)

Genre: Comedy

This movie sums up every transition from freshmen to senior perfectly, from the old school hazing to getting into clubs, from peer pressure to high school drug use. This is a movie that will leave you feeling great, and you will want to watch it again and again before you start school each year. 


Dead Poet’s Society (1989)

Genre: Drama

This movie is the English and artistic fan’s dream movie. Even though it is more boarding school focused, the teachings from the late Robin William’s character are timeless pieces of advice. Watch this when you need some writing inspiration.


Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987)

Genre: Biography, Drama, War

What a sad, beautiful movie. This movie is on the list of modern movies about high school because of the main character who shows amazing strength and leadership even when he is going through very difficult time. If you watch this movie, you will be ready to take on those hallways with confidence no matter what you are going through.


The Graduate (1967)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Even though this movie is about a recent college graduate, a lot of the positives of just graduating and negatives of being the age to do illegal and immoral things are relevant to the high school generation, as well. I highly recommend this movie for seeing what life will be like when high school and college are over, even if it is a bit unrealistic.


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