In this article, we are going to discuss about the conversion of email data from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook. But before that, we should understand what exactly Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook.

Know How to Convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST

Today the world rotates around emails. Emails have turned into an undetectable part from organizations to individuals. As there are various existing email apps to execute email communication, IT world just keep on moving to better email platform to get better mode of communication. Each and every email app supports various file formats.

Windows Live Mail is an email app, which is totally freeware to access from Microsoft. It supports spell-check, emoticon, multi-line messages, RSS feeds etc. It is workable on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and windows 10. It stores all its email data with a file extension of .eml. It creates separate inbox folder for various POP accounts. It also offers multi-line messaging list and direct blogging.

Cons of using Windows Live Mail:

  • Organization is improper

  • Custom smart folder is not offered

  • Doesn’t offer an option to create tasks

MS Outlook is an email client, which is more popular nowadays. It comes with the MS Office package. It offers a various features like-send and receives emails, task managing, note taking, calendaring, contacts, web browsing etc. It saves all email data with a file extension .pst. It manages all email data in a proper manner.

Pros of MS Outlook:

  • Offers proper security

  • Provides searching option

  • Easily manage multiple email message

  • Enhanced connectivity

How users can convert their email data to MS Outlook?

There are two ways to convert all your email data to MS Outlook:

  • Manual Method

  • Using third party tool


Manual Method:

There is a procedure below to convert EML to PST email data. But before that MS Outlook as well as Windows Live Mail should be installed their in your system.

  • Open Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook in your system

  • On Windows Live Mail click on File>>Export>>Email Messages

  • Choose MS Exchange and click on “Next” option

  • Export Message dialog box will be appeared and select OK to continue the process

  • Choose the required file/folder to proceed and click OK. Data will start exporting

  • Export Complete message will be displayed once the process is over

  • Select the Finish button to end the procedure

Disadvantages of using Manual Method:

  • Loss data during conversion

  • Time Consuming process

  • Cannot convert large amount of EML data

  • Lengthy process to access


Using Third Party Tool:

There is software BitRecover Windows Live Mail Converter Wizard, which easily converts all the email data not only to PST, but also to other file formats like MSG, HTML, PDF, MBX, MBOX, EMLX and RTF easily with no any trouble. The software automatically detects all Windows Live Mail email data from the system. The tool is integrated with advanced data migration features, it effortlessly transfer all Windows Live Mail files to Outlook files. With only few clicks, it performs the whole conversion process in less span of time. The tool offers an advance feature that the user can update their default PST email data. It can be easily downloaded on any Windows based OS. The software is totally free and protected from any kind of Trojans, Malware, Virus etc.

Advantages of using third party tool:

  • Saves a time

  • Trouble-free process

  • Convert unlimited amount of email data

  • No any data loss after conversion


Windows Live Mail to PST Converter is to access and saves a lot of time by offering batch mode of conversion. It retains complete technical attributes of emails and is a perfect medium for conversion.

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