Kissing is definitely an important part of a relationship. It can make the difference between a quick brush off or the beginning of a beautiful connection. Whether you’ve never kissed a girl before or you think you’ve perfected the art of kissing, you may want to hear what women think makes a man a good kisser. Remember, kissing is usually more important to most women than it is to many men. Some men would sacrifice kissing altogether if they could still have sex, but women often use kissing as a measuring device to determine how far the relationship may go. Here are some kissing tips for guys straight from a female’s mouth.

5 Kissing Techniques for Guys

Make sure your breath is fresh

As far as kissing techniques for guys go, this one should be obvious. Nothing turns a woman off faster than bad breath. Make a habit of having mints on hand and brush your teeth before you get together. Try to avoid smoking if you’re going to be kissing a non-smoker. Nobody wants to kiss an ashtray.

Swallow first

If you forget to swallow and your mouth is full of saliva, you’re going to end up drooling on her. If you tend to get a buildup of mouth juices when you’re kissing, try pulling back occasionally so you can take a break to swallow. She doesn’t need to know what you’re doing. Just take a moment to pull back and look into her eyes or stroke her cheek. She’ll see it as a loving touch and you won’t be accused of being a sloppy wet kisser.

Take your cue from her

If she’s kissing slowly, that means she wants an experience that is romantic and sensual. Don’t rush right in with the tongue. Grow your kiss at a pace she’s comfortable with. Try some soft pecks before taking more control of her mouth.

Tongue tricks

You need to get this part right. Too much tongue says you’re either inexperienced or immature, too little gives the impression you’re not enjoying yourself. Don’t just stick your tongue in her mouth and let it flop or drive it down her throat. Try licking her like an ice cream cone, with smooth strokes. Don’t just concentrate on the inside of her mouth either. Glide your tongue across her lips or let it dance across her neck or delve into her ear. If you really want to score points, use your tongue for its original purpose and try whispering some sincere compliments. Tell her how good she tastes or how sexy she is. This verbal affirmation will help set the mood for her.

Let your hands in on the action

That doesn’t mean rushing to second or third base. What it does mean is to use your hand to cup the back of her head, let your fingers stroke her hair or brush across her cheek. These little signs of caring are one way to turn a woman on quick.

These tips on kissing a girl can make a big difference in your love life. The right kissing tips for guys are essential if you want to rack up some points on the scoreboard with a woman.


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