It is easy to write your application when you know the job description. Yet, it's not always the case because many companies won't advertise job openings. Sometimes, a company may not be hiring, but they may consider making an exception if they find a qualified candidate that they think is more suitable for a particular job position. Some employers will keep your application for future reference. It is therefore a good idea to consider sending a job application without advertisement. Just learn to do it right!

How to Write a Job Application without Advertisement

Step 1: Follow the Proper Business Format

You need to show your knowledge and professionalism by using the right business format for your letter. Be sure to write your contact info with your name right at the top – it's even more important when you're sending a hard copy of your letter. Don't forget to include your email address and phone number. You need to use a formal greeting to address the person in charge if you're emailing your cover letter. Sign your letter if you're going to send a hard copy.

Step 2: Address the Right Person

You need to address your letter to the right person when writing a job application without advertisement. You need to conduct some research to be sure. You can check online on the company's website or even consider calling the company to know who manages the department where you'd want to work. It is a good idea to address your letter to the HR Director if you cannot find the correct information. Just try to avoid sending a generic cover letter.

Step 3: Write the Body of Your Application

ŸFirst Paragraph

For a good start, write the first paragraph with special attention. In the first paragraph, you have to include information about the purpose of writing. Take this opportunity to address someone who's working at the company. Be clear about why you want to work in a particular company.

ŸMiddle Paragraph

The middle section holds great importance when writing a cover letter for job no advertised. You need to use the middle paragraphs of your letter to explain what you will bring to the company. Remember to be specific and concise.

ŸClosing Paragraph

Always close your application by appreciating the time taken by the employer to read your letter. It is a good idea to let your employer or to whom you've addressed know that you will make a follow-up call in the next week (or a specific date). If possible, tell the employer you are willing to come and meet in person. Don't forget to indicate that you're anxious to hear back from them. Add your signature in the end.

Sample Letter of Job Application Without Advertisement

Dear (Name):

I'm sending this application for the post of [specific post you're applying for]. It's been a while since I'm following your firm – [state what you've discovered about the company and its unique selling points]. I really believe that the new technology you are going to introduce will help you be the market leader for years. And I believe that my deep knowledge will be a good addition to your company.

I have seven years of work experience as marketing and sales manager, and I know I'll bring my experience to the table that will prove beneficial for your company as well. I have my network in the industry and I believe this will also serve us both well. I can use my old contacts to sell your products and generate revenues.

You can find my resume attached with this letter. I believe you will like what you find on my resume and will consider my services. I will now look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Name

  • Use your personal letterhead. You can create your personal letterhead on your computer. Remember to add your name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Use good quality paper stock and a coordinating envelop. It's better to use light beige, off-white, or slightly grey color paper. Keep it simple!

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