Talk shows are inexpensive to produce, but high in entertainment value. Running on star appeal and show business acumen fills the pockets of talk show hosts, and the producers won’t spare a dime keeping their main star happy. So, let’s see which lucky host has the most money in their wallet. But we list the richest out of the richest talk show hosts to the end. Want to who that is? Take a look one by one, then you will find out.

Top 10 Richest Talk Show Hosts and Their Net Worth


Jimmy Fallon

Net worth: $25 million

Married to Nancy Juvonen and father to one, Jimmy is a family man (including a golden retriever). Growing up Catholic, his original goal was to be a priest. Instead, he went in a different direction. Comedian, writer, producer, actor, singer and television host Jimmy Fallon has come a long way from Saturday Night Live. At the young age of 40, he is gaining popularity from audiences of all ages. The current host of The Tonight Show, Fallon is an artist not to be reckoned with. Following the footsteps of top name comedians, Jimmy’s net worth is growing by the day. With awards of Teen Choice and winner of multiple Primetime Emmys, Fallon is sure to continue rising to the top.


Craig Ferguson

Net worth: $30 million

Born in Scotland, Ferguson was the “chubby” kid growing up. As a teenager his first trip to the United States was to New York, where he worked in construction business with his uncle. As one of the very few talk show hosts from abroad, Ferguson has combined his British and U.S. careers into one huge money maker. As host of The Late Late Show, Craig uses no sidekicks—he doesn’t need them. With a few show props he keeps his audience going with his unusual mix of British and American humor, and he can take that to the bank!


Jimmy Kimmel

Net worth: $35 million

Ah, as a fan of him, you know Jimmy Kimmel net worth now! Is this similar to the figure in your mind? Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jimmy Kimmel is the oldest of three children. Co-founder of the annual Feast of San Gennero (a Brooklyn Italian tradition), Jimmy has stayed close to his genealogy and childhood. After working in radio and being on Comedy Central, he has found his place as host and creator of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Using his cousin as his side kick, Jimmy continues to rise to the top while gaining a larger audience base. Jimmy Kimmel net worth will only grow since it is still early in his career. In tune with today’s social media, Jimmy has the ability to touch all. The older fans love his witty sarcasm and the youngins are just waiting to see what he does next.


Stephen Colbert

Net worth: $45 million

Married to Evelyn McGee-Colbert, daughter of prominent civil litigator Joseph McGee, Colbert lives in New Jersey with his wife and three children. Some of his earlier works include writing, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report; now he has taken reign of the Late Show. He has a tendency to be a political satirist that appeals to many as the politics of America get more and more complicated, and he knows how to bring out the big issues while getting the big laughs. While some of his earlier works were not the highest paying, he is getting big bucks for establishing such a sound report with his audience. With more projects in the works his monies will be pilling up in the bank.


Conan O’Brien

Net worth: $75 million

A Massachusetts native, Conan was ahead of the pack–starting with being high school valedictorian. Then O’Brian moved on to Harvard to graduate magna cum laude in history and literature—excellent choices in college that would lead the way to growing a decent net worth. He has since changed direction to television working with great shows like The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show to name a few. Big name shows=big money. Currently the host of self-named Conan, O’Brian already has a fan base that supports his wallet.


Jon Stewart

Net worth: $80 million

Born of Jewish decent, John is now openly non-religious. Married, two children and a cat, John has worked his way to the top. While at the top, he is making top dollar. You may not name exactly his long list of works and awards, but you definitely should know the Daily Show whose viewership is mainly relatively young and well-educated audience, which most shows want to be attractive to. Everything he is involved in captures the audience and brings them back for more. He is always willing to joke on himself; everyone can tune in and enjoy his wit and sarcasm. Keeping money in the bank is not and never will be a problem with Jon Stewart.


Ellen DeGeneres

Net worth: $250 million

Ellen has learned to use her sexual preference to her advantage, although she did not announce it till 1997, which allows her to reach a wider audience. While being a true comedian and writer, she is well known for being a humanitarian–something hard to find in the field of comedy. The true inheritor of the renowned Oprah Winfrey, Ellen has established a prime show for the afternoon slot. While reaching out to so many, her pockets are filling and over flowing. Keeping on the fast track and being honest is the key to her richness.


Jay Leno

Net worth: $350 million

Jay and Mavis Leno, by choice, have no children and have been married for over thirty years. He keeps his lifestyle clean: free of alcohol, gambling and smoking. Known for being a large part of many charities is not what made this man over $300 million, it is his own career that he has worked so hard for. Known mostly for The Tonight Show and The Jay Leno Show, it is not hard for this comedian to keep the laughs rolling and the cash rolling into his bank account.


David Letterman

Net worth: $400 million

Starting as a weatherman, Letterman did not originally see the legacy he would unfold. Open to the public David speaks of his marriages, family and scandals as anyone would. While the nation anxiously awaited the results of his open heart surgery, he was still making cash selling t-shirts! Having long term careers with both NBC and ABC, Letterman has captured the attention of the nation and will forever be a part of television history—he can definitely retire on that!


Oprah Winfrey (Retired)

Net worth: $2.9 Billion

Through thick and thin, Oprah made it through. Growing up in Mississippi, she had a slow start to her career until she had the opportunity to surpass racism and personal issues that held her back. Although Oprah is not currently a talk show host, she has paved the way for all. Working through controversy and decades of television, she is the leader all talk show hosts want to be. With smart business sense and the will to not give up, Oprah deserves to be mentioned; after all, she is worth billions! Not only the wealthiest of talk show hosts, she is one of the wealthiest people in America! This is why she definitely should be the queen in this list of richest talk show hosts.


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