Most iPhone, iPad and iPod users believe that they must use iTunes to buy digital music. However, this is not the case. You are also not restricted to iTunes if you have a media library that you want to synchronize to your Apple device. There are a number of alternative applications that allow you to manage and synchronize your media files just like you would with iTunes. Better yet, they are available for free.

If iTunes is giving you problems or you would simply like a change, here are some of the alternatives you can go for.

Best iTunes Alternatives


Best iTunes Alternative for Media Management: Media Monkey

This software comes loaded with several features for the serious music collector. You can manage your music from 100 to more than 100, 000 audio files and playlists of all genres. It does not matter whether they are saved on your device, a network or CDs. If you want to organize or search for a song, you can do so using the artist name, the album, genre, year as well as the rating.

This software can identify tracks that have missing information, those that are duplicated somewhere else, or those whose tags are not synchronized. It can fix tags, lyrics, albums and any other information by looking it up on Amazon. If your music is on CDs, it will use Freedb or CD-TEXT to get missing information and details via related music sites like Allmusic.

Media Monkey has various tag editors for Mp3 and Mp4 formats. The software updates and corrects songs that are not labeled correctly. It intelligently and automatically tags files using the Auto-Tagger feature based on the filenames.

This software also updates your music library from time to time automatically. You can download your favorite tracks and create a playlist. This software can be used across various platforms and, as a result, synchronizing playlists from one operating system to another is made easier. You can also back up the music in your MP3 player as well as your iPod and iPhones.

Price: Free / USD 49.95 for Gold Version

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Best iTunes Alternative for Storage Cleanup: PhoneClean

PhoneClean has come up with a solution that will help millions of people to save enormous amounts of space in as simple as a few clicks. The software allows you to swiftly detect and get rid of temp, cookie, off-line among many other junk files that are in your device. The clean-up is rather efficient and effective. PhoneClean has added several new engines in order to make iOS scanning more intense. For example, in the download files, it will get rid of all the corrupt and forgotten files like the interrupted video, music and app downloads. The redundant application crash log will also be cleared.

When you realize that your device's storage is running low, simply submit it to this incredible software and 40%-60% of space will be freed up magically. You have to agree this is a great deal of space as you can now have more space for your music, videos, photos and apps.

Since many people trust PhoneClean with cleanup of their storage, PhoneClean ensures that all your information is backed up and saved before a clean-up is done. If by chance something of value is deleted, PhoneClean will help you retrieve it and save it. There is also an option of selecting the applications that you would like scanned and cleaned.

Price: Free

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Best iTunes Alternative for Data Recovery: Leawo iOS Data Recovery

Leawo is solely dedicated to recovering data on iOS devices. If you happen to lose data either on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and you had not backed it up on iTunes or your device, Leawo will assist you get it all back. This utility is capable of recovering multiple lost/damaged/deleted files by performing a deep and thorough scan on your device. Under DFU mode, you are able to recover 6 types of erased data. These include Notes, Reminders, Calendars, Call History, Messages (iMessage/SMS/MMS) and contacts.

Besides from these functions Leawo is also equipped with data back-up capabilities as well as iTunes data extraction functions.

Price: Free Trial / USD 59.95 for Full Version

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Best iTunes Alternative to Play Music: MusicBee

With this software, you can create your playlist and turn your device into a jukebox. This utility has the capability of playing different music formats, and you can arrange them the way you like by queuing them up. There are powerful and awesome options and rules to creating your own stylish radio-style playlists or auto playlists. Just follow the custom Auto DJ rules. You can also get brand new hits online by setting the Auto DJ to stream in music from the same artist from If you are a fan of a certain podcast, you can subscribe to it for automatic downloads. If you have radio stations that you love listening to, you can save them as favorites and play them with just one click. MusicBee saves your radio stations and podcasts separately from your music file to avoid confusion. The utility enables you to add audiobooks such that it can remember where you left off and resume from there.

Price: Free

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Best iTunes Alternatives for All Function: CopyTrans Tool

This software is capable of performing all functions iTunes can. These functions are:

• Back up all iPods, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone

• iPod Touch backup including music, videos, apps

• Recover iTunes library from iPhone, iPad or iPod

• Transfer iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone content to PC

• Copy iPod playlist, artwork, play counts and ratings

• Import iPod movies, TV shows and videos to iTunes

• Transfer iPod music to PC

• Backup iPhone songs, apps, videos and artwork

Price: USD 19.99

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