Will Smith Jr (that’s his artist name actually, he was born Willard Carroll on September 25, 1968) is a successful and still prominent American actor, who is also known as a rapper and more recently as cinema and music producer. Will has been nominated several times for the Golden Globes, twice for the Academy Awards and has managed to win four Grammys.

It was during the 1980s that Smith became somewhat famous as a rapper. That recent and unassertive success allowed him later on to star in the famous TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which catapulted him into worldwide fame. He attained success in the big screen by starring in Men in Black, soon afterwards. For the last years, however, the subject of his sexuality has caused increasingly more controversy and has gained the attention of a larger public.

Why People Think Will Smith Is Gay? Well, So Many Will Smith Gay News!

Over the last several years, the American pink press has been struck several times by audacious claims over actor Will Smith’s real sexual tendencies. These have been mostly fuelled by alleged tensions between the actor and his wife, the gorgeous Jada Pinkett Smith, who has also been caught up several times of enjoying the company of other celebrities, such as Marc Anthony by 2013, by paparazzi.

At first, these claims appeared in the public scene as quite a seismic shock for the general audience. After all, Will and Jada have long been considered a well-established and conventionally-grounded American couple (as conventionally-grounded as a Hollywood couple can be, at least). The couple, with two well brought up kids who seem not to have been driven mad or arrogant by fame, started to attract attention over their real condition after Will was caught up in several parties in company of other men, such as parties in Florida, March 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, February 2013, etc.

The man who seems to have particularly caught Smith’s eye is called Duane Martin, a film and television actor who, by the way, is married and has two kids, and is also a real-estate agent.

Now, we know what you are thinking. So what if two grown-up and married men who happen to be good friends, go out party together and enjoy themselves a little? And you might be right when thinking that. However, they’ve been repeatedly spotted dinning together, they’ve gone on a private cruise around Trinidad, they’ve been to art openings in Miami, and they’ve even met in Vegas – all this in the short space of four months! But yes, it does not necessarily mean they have a bromance!

Whether the claims are true or not, what seems to be clear is their relationship, legitimate or not, seems not to be doing any good to Smith’s marriage, a marriage that, let’s not forget, has gone through severe tensions during the last few years. In Jada’s eyes, Will appears to be showing off the friendship in front of her eyes, lavishly going out in expensive tours and journeys and attending exotic parties, as if he wanted to demonstrate his young spirit and will to party on, with and, more so now, without her.

So Is Will Smith Gay?

When, a couple of years back, papers started talking about Smith’s unclear sexual bias, some people did not seem to be surprised by this issue at all. Some insiders just smiled at it, claiming they had been knowing it for years. There are those that even ventured to say Smith’s marriage was never anything else than a cover-up to withstand the manly status the actor required for his roles.

Then, of course, there are the more moderate ones. Smith could just be a man who’s realizing he’s getting old and his party days will soon be over. This realization, especially when you are as rich as him and still as appealing at that age, would get most of us to gather round close friends in order to profit, right? Also, bisexuality is a big tendency amongst actors, isn’t that a possibility too?

Well, no matter Will is gay or not, Will Smith's son Jaden Smith admitted he's GAY! 


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