The iPad is the ultimate electronic for the entire family, as there is a little something for everyone in the family. Kids love the iPad, as there are various games that they can play, perfect for their age. All games that are available on the iPad have a suggested age-based rating, giving parents a great way to determine if a game is good for their child or not. There is also a huge price spectrum with these games, anywhere from $.99 to $1.99, with most expensive games costing around $5, meaning that you are not going to have to go broke in order to give your kid the entertainment they want and need.

Best iPad Games for Kids


Cut the Rope HD

This game is about strategy and time management. The goal of the game is to ensure that you cut the right rope in order to find the candy to the monster in the game. Kids who play this game learn the consequences of their decisions, if they were not to cut the rope in the right amount of time, or if they were to cut the wrong rope. The game becomes more challenging the longer it is played, as it has around 400 levels that kids can work their way through.

Age: 4 years old and up

Price: $4.99

Click to download Cut the Rope HD.


Bubble Ball

With Bubble Ball, players utilize wood pieces and metals pieces on the screen to direct the bubble to the end of the maze. The levels continue to get more difficult as the person plays, making a person think on their feet very fast, while also teaching the fundamentals of physics. This game was designed by a 14 year old kid, thus it may seem simple, but it seems to be a lot of fun for younger children.

Age: 4 years old and up

Price: Free

Click to download Bubble Ball.


Angry Birds Star Wars II

This is the sequel to the Angry Birds Star Wars, a huge kid favorite, offering a few more twists with this version. In the newest version you can play as the pigs this time around. Gamers will find that it sticks pretty close to the original game, and there is still the good versus evil theme in the game. Kids who play this will find hours of entertainment as they battle as the good guys or the bad guys. Those kids who are familiar with Star Wars will love sequel.

Age: 4 years old and up

Price: Free

Click to download Angry Birds Star Wars II.



Dinorama is a game in which kids can build and maintain their own park full of dinosaurs. The park that the kids built will be hit by natural disasters and other disasters that show the kids to think out their decisions. The game is geared towards kids, but is teaching a lot about saving money as well as how to plan for anything that may happen. It is a strategy game that is all about investing in your park, to ensure that it succeeds.

Age: 7 years old and up

Price: $2.99

Click to download Dinorama.


Kids Football Game

The Kids Football Game came about in the 2014 FIFA cup. This game takes the game of soccer and puts this in a way that kids are going to learn about the rules of the game, as well as the positions on the field, to have a better understanding of the game in general. The game is fairly easy for kids to know what to do, as it just requires a few simple choices and the child can start to play. Colors are vivid, so even small children find it interesting to watch what is going on.

Age: 4 years and up

Price: Free

Click to download Kids Football Game.


Little Builders

This is a construction game in which kids have total control over the town that they are building. Not only do kids get to decide on where they are building, but they have to be involved in the actual building process. Such as pouring the basement, building the walls and ensuring they don’t hit the water pipes underground. The game gives kids a better understanding on what goes into the construction world, as well as what random equipment does in real life.

Age: 3 - 6 year olds

Price: $2.99

Click to download Little Builders.


Frozen - Storybook Deluxe

For kids who loved the movie Frozen, this is one app that they are going to want. The app is not only a story book of the movie, which can be flipped to see it from Ana’s or Elsa’s point of view, but there are also several small games that can be played within the story. The story teaches kids about the power of love and is a fun adventure. Learning new words via the story book version, or simply brushing up on reading skills that a child already has, this is a great learning app as well.

Age: 6 -8 years old

Price: $6.99

Click to download Frozen – Storybook Deluxe.


Happi Spells

This app is a crossword puzzle game that is meant to help enforce spelling and reading skills with crossword puzzles. Kids will learn how to spell a word after seeing a picture and working on the crossword puzzle. In addition to this, there are several languages available, and kids can actually learn how to speak and spell words in other languages. Languages that are included are French, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and many more. It is a great learning tool that makes the learning fun, so kids are more likely to remember what they learn.

Age: 6 - 8 year old

Price: $1.99

Click to download Happi Spells.

  • Remember that when allowing a child to play any app or game via an iPad, it is best to turn off in app purchases to avoid bills later. Games that may be cheap and a great game often are a huge let down when getting the Apple bill that includes all the in app purchases a child may have made, unintentionally. Most every app on the market will allow for in app purchases to be turned off.

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