When applying for the post of a teacher, you will generally have an interview lasting around 30 minutes. Within this period there will be 8-10 interview questions for you. It is important that the session of teacher interview questions and answers goes well in the given time.

Before an interview, it is a good idea to seek some advice from the career consult center about interview questions for teachers with answers, especially for the new graduates who major in teaching.

Although it is not possible to know which questions will be asked in the interview, there are some types of questions that are frequently asked. Learning some of these questions help you gain a general idea about teacher interview and prepare yourself for various questions.

Top 5 Types of Interview Questions for Teachers

There some categories are generally asked in interview for teachers. The top 5 types are discipline, working with parents, teaching methods, social problem and some general ones. Below some sample questions and answering tips for each type.


This category would include question about maintaining discipline in the classroom and the authority as a teacher in class.


  • How will you handle discipline problem and noise issues in classroom?

  • What kind of teacher are you – tough or understanding?

  • If you have a ‘gifted’ child in your class who has problem disciplining, how will you handle it?


You have to mention that you will set classroom rules and behavioral expectations, and inform the consequences. Meanwhile you will follow the rules yourselves and set an example. These will be good enough to control the class. Traits of being a good listener, adaptable, flexible should be presented. Examples of rules, consequences and any situation which you have dealt with can also be given.


Working with Parents


  • How will you handle any complaints from teachers regarding teaching methods?

  • Example of a difficult phone call from parent.

  • What is the frequency of reporting to parents and how do you communicate with them?


It is important to work with the parents in the child’s best interest. Any mode of communication which is comfortable for both can be used – email, phone or note. Unresolved problems should be communicated to the principal, and any complaint made against the teacher should also be resolved by the principal. When there are problems with the child, the teacher should communicate the positives first to the parents and then discuss the problem. Give a plan of action and work it out with them.


Teaching Methods


  • Describe how you make use of resources, evaluation of teaching performance and the teaching requirements.

  • Give details of the teaching tools like internet, team-teaching and other external resources.

  • How do you handle needs of high ability children versus children with low skills?

  • What are your views on homework and preventing overload?

  • How would you deal with children with ADHD?

  • What is your teaching objective and how would you give feedback?


The answer should be given professionally. Details should be given about the teaching aids and principles used, so that goals and objectives are met. Reading, social skills and technical skills will be used to enhance the student skills, too.


Social problems


How would you handle a child who is socially isolated?


As a teacher you should stress the important of your role in developing social competence in the child and help them in developing friendship skills and peer friendship. Social skills should be imparted besides academic skills. Buddy projects and study buddy methods can be implemented.




What made you choose teaching as a career?

Why do you want to work in our school?


The reply should include a brief description of how you love children, desire to give and impart knowledge, enthusiasm for learning and other reasons which might have motivated you.

More Interview Questions for Teachers


Professional Experience

  • When did you become interested in teaching and what is your philosophy of education?

  • How did you manage students from culturally different backgrounds?

  • What was your experience with student teaching, what did you like or dislike and what did you learn from other cooperating teachers?

  • How has the college prepared you for the teaching profession?


Instructional Skills

  • What are the teaching techniques or strategies, which you find most effective?

  • Describe different learning styles of students, how will you adjust them to cater to different students.

  • What would you do if most of the children performed poorly in the class and how would you use authentic assessment methods?

  • What would be the learning objectives set by you and how will you keep the students actively involved in learning?


Computer Skills

  • Which teaching software have you learnt and used for instructional and classroom management?

  • How will you use technology in the class and how will you allow the children to use it?


Classroom Discipline

  • What is your philosophy regarding discipline, techniques to handle discipline issues in classroom and examples how you dealt with them?

  • What rules do you implement in class and how to create a safe atmosphere in class?


Classroom Management

  • What are the goals, plans and style of classroom management?

  • Give classroom management techniques and your idea of a model classroom.


Content & Material

  • What material do you use for assessment, the type of tests you would give and do you have any coursework done required for this role?

  • Do you have any material beneficial for slow learners or bright students and what changes do you hope to see in this field over the next few years.


Planning Skills

  • How do you plan daily lessons, example of a good lesson, and example of a lesson not gone well and how did you deal with it?

  • How would you integrate language and arts in the curriculum, set up reading programs and how much home work will you assign?


Maintain Relation with Admin, Parents and Students

  • What does teamwork mean to you, how will you deal with situations when someone has complain against you and how will you approach them?

  • How will you interact with students, keep them interested and how will you inform them about the progress?


Personal Qualities

  • Why did you choose to be a teacher, what are your short, long term and career goals?

  • Describe yourself, what makes you different from others and what makes you an effective teacher.



  • Which grade would you work best in, can you change grades or teach different subjects?

  • How would you want to get involved in school, district or community and what do you think is wrong with the current education system?

  • Be specific when giving the answers and clearly illustrate the role you will play, your personal and life experiences.
  • Ask the interviewer to rephrase or repeat the question, if you do not understand it clearly.
  • Highlight your skills and traits like being proactive, honesty, team work, reliability and effective communication. Give examples when required.
  • Be honest. Lot of importance is placed on integrity and hence it is important to be honest in your interview.
  • It is important to be yourself. Since besides the professional qualifications, the personality of the person should fit in the requirement as well.

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