Administrative work has been on the rise over the past few decades and the demand for administrative assistants has shot up relatively. An administrative assistant is a professional who provides a variety of services in relation to administrative work. They come to contact with almost everything that pertains to the work they are offering assistance in. In most cases, an administrative assistant is usually the first to be contacted by customers and visitors to the particular entity they work for. Picking up telephones, managing correspondence, providing information, scheduling appointments, receiving, disseminating information and maintaining executive calendars are just but some of the duties performed by administrative assistants. This just shows you how important an administrative assistant is and the key position they take in the place of work. 

It is therefore usually a bit of a challenge for administrators to hire administrative assistants that will surely deliver exemplary work to meet the expectations of the employer. The importance of knowing exactly how to find a good administrative assistant sets in. Most administrative assistants are usually interviewed before employment. In most cases, they are usually strangers to their employers making it hard for one to determine their exact character and competence just on the first day. If the only the employer knows the right administrative support interview questions and what to observe during the interview, high chances are they would actually get the administrative assistant of their choice.

Interview Questions for Administrative Assistance

Strengths and Weaknesses

Some of the commonly dwelt on topics on interviewing questions are ones strengths and weaknesses. On the strengths, it gives the interviewee an opportunity to raise their own bar. Those that will take some time before figuring out their strengths are unfortunately not the best choice. They should be able to give at least three strengths with clear elaboration and support. From this, the employer can clearly point out those with good communication skills and other provable strengths in the potential administrative assistants. What are your weaknesses? 

This is among the tricky administrative assistant support interview questions. Every single human being possesses weaknesses meaning this question will certainly filter out the liars in the group. Those that will choose to say very minor weaknesses just to get to answer the question are just but another lot to worry about. There are those weaknesses that you’ll definitely understand and see reality in. If one is applying for this job with a weakness that will in some way hinder them from doing it right, they most likely have applied for the wrong job and should seek for preferable jobs in good faith.

Skills and Experience

Experience and skill is another very important subject in administrative assistant support interview questions session. The answer given by the interviewee will most likely reveal a few things about them including whether they are at per with the latest technology and skills in a particular department. 

It will also determine whether the interviewee is ready to learn and acquire better modern skills while doing the job. You can also be able to tell just how fast one can be able to learn new stuff. Workshops, books read, conferences or online courses one has attended are some of the evidences one would give for their skills and experiences. One might also mention what they are currently doing or what they are about to do to support their bids for the job which is okay.

Reasons for Leaving the Previous Job

Other very important administrative assistant support interview questions are the reasons they left their last job. Positivity is key in answering this very tricky though easy question. One should avoid being negative about their previous employer at all costs. A good reason is perhaps seeking to broaden their career or giving their career a greater challenge so to speak. 

We do understand the past might have been rough for an interviewee with their past employer but sticking to positivity proves they are on another level of professionalism. It only says more about how they will talk about you as an employer once you two are done.

Personal and Career Goals

Could you end the administrative assistant support interview questions session without asking about one’s career goals? This is one question that will most likely determine the fate of the interview. The answer to this question must be well thought out and the answer should give the employer the bait to try one out as an employee. It’s on this question that the wisdom of the interviewee is put to test. Besides mentioning the goals, the employer should inquire for the means and strategies set to ensure that this goal comes true. 

That way they can be sure the interviewee is sure of what he or she is talking about. They should state how long they plan to stay in the company and their desire to excel in their careers. Long term employees should be given consideration. By goals, both personal and goals for the company should be carefully scrutinized by the employer to determine the position of the interviewee as far as the job is concerned.

Handling Stress and Pressure

It is also important to include how one would handle pressure at times of work among the administrative assistant support interview questions. There are several ways of addressing stress and pressure at the work place. Some employees just surprisingly thrive under pressure, some just can’t take it. The kind of job will determine which of these is suitable for the position. Panicking should at all costs not be the answer to this. It can solve none of these situations. Those with past experiences of extreme situations have an upper hand for sure. You may also want to list a few tools you use to help you, such as to do lists etc. Seeking assistance is also another good solution for the same. Employers also need to ask interviewees their biggest professional disappointment or achievement so far? 

Also a common of the office assistant interview questions. This only informs them whether the interviewees can handle issues that are beyond what it seems to be their best. Staying positive will only show they accepted the situation and knew sometimes some challenges are usually inevitable in human life. For the greatest achievement they should talk about a situation or event that was significant to them as well as the company. They should be specific on what they did and what the results were. They should also choose on a situation or event that reflects directly to the job they are being interviewed for.

Working Beyond Limits

It is important to ask how far an employee can stretch in case he or she is given the job when giving administrative assistant support interview questions. This can be wedged in terms of whether the employee can work overtime and if yes what their limits are, whether the employee can multitask and even whether they can come to work on a weekend. That will just make the employer know the exact limits when working with this subject. 

Multitasking is an important and very essential part of an administration assistance career, those who sincerely enjoy multitasking and the challenge of making sure that multiple functions and jobs are completed on time and accurately is part of what motivates you in your job. About communication, the employer can also choose to include it in the interview questions and answers. They should expect very good communication skills and one who can communicate well face-to-face, via the Internet, on the telephone and on email.

Shortcomings During the Interview

However, it is expected that some administrative assistant support interview questions won’t be expected by the interviewee and that’s what the employer needs to be keen on. One can be genuinely competent but just forget something perhaps they did to help someone in their previous career. It is necessary to keep in mind that one who’s good for the job will automatically be pointed out after asking a couple of these questions. The employer can choose to ask a couple of more interview questions for administrative assistance to make a final selection he would be sure of. The employer should also be warned that most interviewees are trained and will give rehearsed the interview questions and answers just to berg the job. 

Be keen on how the interviewees answer questions to be able to notice those who’ve rehearsed and do not really represent what they claim to be.


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