Advancements in technology have made it possible for employers and job seekers to communicate more effectively, mostly through the internet. These days, it is easy for job seekers to submit their resumes and cover letters online and employers now contact job seekers through email clients.

Whenever a job seeker receives a letter from an employer on an interview for a job opening, it is always prudent to reply and confirm on availability.The response should be concise, clear and professional.

Part 1: Steps to Write an Interview Mail Reply


It is always important to start off with a formal salutation. Male recipients should be addressed as "Dear Mr." while female recipients should be addressed as "Dear Ms." These salutations should be followed by the last name of the recipient.In case you are not certain about the gender of the recipient, you should call the company to inquire.


Take the time to read the email invitation clearly. As you read, take keen interest in any question you regard as important as you will need to answer the question when responding to the invitation.


Mostly, the question in the invitation may be one that you need to respond to with a 'yes' or 'no' based on your availability for the interview. If you will be available for the interview, you need to respond with vigor: 'Yes, I would very much like to attend the interview' or 'Yes, I can be available for the interview' will suffice.


Before you send your interview mail reply, you need to go through the email one more time to see if there are any other questions you need to respond to. Once you confirm that you have addressed all questions in the email, remember to thank the recipient for the information they have availed and assure them that you will take the time to learn more about the company before the interview date.


Once you have answered all questions, you need to close your interview mail reply with a strong statement. You can say that you are looking forward to the interview day and the chance to interact with them more or to learn more about how you can be of help to the company with regards to attaining their goals.


It is very important to close the letter formally. You can use either ‘sincerely’ or 'sincerely yours' to close your letter. After this line, leave a space and type your full name. Read through the email before sending to correct any typing errors.

Part 2: Samples of Interview Mail Reply


Subject: Interview Confirmation – (Your Name)

Dear (name of recipient),

I take this chance to thank you very much for inviting me to interview for the Account Analyst position. I really appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to meeting with Edie Wilson on June 30th at 9 AM in your Quincy office.

If I can provide you with any further information prior to the interview please let me know.

Best Regards,

(Your name)


Subject: Interview Confirmation – (Your Name)

Dear Mr. /Ms. 'Name'

I would like to take this opportunity to attend the interview for the post of (name of post) in your company (name of company) on (date) at (time).

I am looking forward to discussing my qualifications for the position, and also for the opportunity to join your team/staff.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I look forward to meeting you.


(Your name)


Subject: Interview Confirmation for the position of Senior Accountant

Dear Sir,

I’m writing to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to interview for the post of (post applied for) in your organization. I would like to confirm that I will be attending interview scheduled for (date and time).

I’m delighted about the interview and I can promise that I will exploit the opportunity to the fullest.

I will be able to present my abilities and personal traits and get a better understanding of your organization's mission and values.

As requested, I will bring along my certificates, detailed CV, complete application form and any other necessary documents. Should you require conveying any additional information before the date of the interview, you can call me on my cell no. (Telephone number).

Thank you again for the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Name)


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