Want to Learn How to Code? Looking for some online stuff, tutorials and websites? Your search is over now as we have listed 20 best resources that helps you to learn coding at home without attending classes.

Learning coding is one of the most satisfying things for those people, who can ever do. If you are developer or designer, you will understand how learning coding create beautiful stuff for you. Moreover, if you are thinking to start development from starting to end, you can do easier for being technical person.

Part 1


1st Develop PHP

DevelopPHP.com has list of videos and written materials that helps you to learn five technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. One can easily access this educational system, 24*7 for free to learn database interaction, animation, graphics editing, programming theory, and so on.

2nd Code School

If you want to learn web technologies, Code School is best for you as it taught video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts in the comfort of your browser. Learning through Code School is done by combining video, Gamification, and coding in the browser.

3rd Codepen

CodePen is best to create a reduced test case to demonstrate and figure out a bug. It is a playground for the front end side of the web. The best thing is it shows you your latest creation and gives feedback from your peers.

4rd HTML5 Rocks

HTMl5rocks is one-stop destination to learn HTML coding and implement it into your project. It provides you lots of tutorials that help you in your development task.

5th Coursera

Coursera is one of the most recommended online free courses providers for programmers. This online provider has about 625 courses to learn how to code easily in C++, C#, Python, Java, or Ruby.


6th Udemy

Udemy is the best instructor for programmers to learn how to code. On this site developers can get a lots of courses for learn and get knowledge improve.

7th Coder Dojo

CoderDojo gives opportunity to programmers about how to learn code. In order to take advantages of this opportunity, you have to join the community for free and start code with Dojo.

8th Scratch

Want to explore more than 40 Lac projects? Must visit Scratch as it is one of the best learning communities that allow you to create animations, stories, games, etc. and can also share it with your friends.

9th The New Boston

The New Boston is a video sharing sites especially designed for developers. Here, developers can find all the videos/tutorials related to their favorite topics as C++, Java, Ajax, Python, PHP, Ruby and many more technologies that they wanted to learn.

10th Code Avengers

Code avengers teach you to how to program games, Apps and Websites with code challenges of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is one of the most excellent resources that allow beginners to create some awesome projects.


11th Cargo-Bot

Cargo-Bot helps you to write programs to control a robotic arm. It has the robot move crates into the configuration that is available on the top of the screen. A six-level tutorial is available to get familiar with the controls and features.

12th LearnStreet

LearnStreet has free, interactive courses that finely designed to teach how to write code to teens. Going through such courses, one can easily study JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and basic concepts like loops, functions, and variables

13th Light-bot

Light-bot is one of the interesting puzzles that teach kids the concept that used in computer programming. Such type of programming app is created by an undergraduate student, who has coding since childhood.

14th Mozilla Thimble

The combination of an online webpage editor and set of remixable projects, Thimble help kids to learn writing the Web as it shows kids to changes that made in webpages. Thimble is one of the greatest ways to learn code, web design, and problem-solving skills.

15th The Code Player

Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and many more advance technologies with The Code Player. It allows developers to learn technologies through videos and by looking at view source code.


16th Mozila Developer Network

A development network for programmers is provided by Mozila Developer Network. It allows them to learn new technologies and get some latest collection of resources. HTML, CSS, Javascript, graphics, etc. can be easily learned by Mozila Developer Network through its reference guide, demos, tutorials, and developers guide.

17th CodeHS

CodeHS is another website that has puzzles, programming lessons, and challenges for teens to learn write and use code. Even, they can watch short videos that explain designing concept and other related things.

18th MIT Open Courses Ware

Different types of courses related engineering and computer science are available in MIT Open Course Ware. It gives you free resources like design and analysis algorithms, exams, assignments, etc.

19th Hopscotch HD

Hopscotch HD allows learning the fundamentals of computer programming on a mobile device to Kids. Students can easily create games, animations, fun messages, etc. by using visual blocks that represent programming concepts.

20th Learneroo

Learneroo helps you to get knowledge about programming with Java and new skills by solving challenges to learn some basic of Java coding with loops, Array, variables, and strings.

These are 20 interesting resources that help people to learn coding with an ease. If you want to know more about how to code or have some query, then ask us through comment.


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