India is a country which is famous for its culture and interesting traditions. There is a great variety of religions in India and different traditions are famous in these religions but there is a particular reason or story behind these festivals. People celebrate these festivals not only with their own family but also with their friends, relatives and neighbors because it is a famous saying of Sanskrit that "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which means that the whole world is my family. 

Festivals: Soul of India

Let us take a look upon some interesting festivals and traditions of India and the reason to celebrate them.


The festival of colours Holi, signifies the importance of colours in our life. Besides this, people forget all their problems and worries and celebrate the festival with joy and happiness fill their life with all the beautiful colours. In India it is said about holi that "On the day of holi hearts are united and eben enemies becomes friends". So this festival encourages living life among the beautiful colours of life.


Durga worship

Goddess durga is worshipped in this festival. This festival signifies the power of women. The stories of the killing of the devil Mahishasur by goddess Durga is very famous. Goddess Durga has ten hands and she travels on lion. Trident, Chakra, Snake, Conch shell, Mace, Bow, Long, Swords, etc., are the weapons of Goddess Durga. This festival encourages women to fight for their rights and against the wrong. It gives a message to all women to live life with their own identity with their style.



It celebrates the victory of goodness over the evil. It is said that God Rama had killed the devil Ravana on this day and so the statues of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarana and his son Meghnath are burnt as the sign of the destruction of evil. This festival gives the message that Truth always wins. So we should not leave the path of truth and honesty.



Diwali is the festival of lights. It celebrates the victory of light over darkness. People celebrate this festival in India with their family and relatives. Candles and oil lamps are enlightened to destroy all the darkness from life and fill their life with the light of happiness and joy. Lakshmi pooja is also a very famous tradition in India. Lakshmi is the goddess of money and prosperity, so people worship Goddess Lakshmi to give them money and prosperity so that they can live happily.


Raksha Bandhan

It is a beautiful festival of brothers and sisters. It celebrates the love and duty of brother and sister. On this day girls ties a rakhi band (which may be a bracelet or colorful thread) on the wrist of their brother and they promises to each other to fulfill all their duties towards each other for the rest of their life. This festival strengthens their relationship.



Baisakhi is a beautiful festival which is celebrated by farmers at the harvest of Rabi (winter) crops of the year. In this festival people celebrate the greenery all around them. After waking up early and dressing new clothes, farmers worship to Goddess Annapurna for the great harvest and bless for good agriculture season, giving them enough food. They also celebrate Baisakhi by performing energetic bhangraand and gidda dance and participating in Baisakhi Fairs.



Gurupurnima is a festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers. In India teachers are regarded as superior to God because teachers provide us enough knowledge and guides us to become successful. A teacher can convert a stone to a diamond. Without teacher we cannot find the right path of our life. Teacher is like the pole star that tells always about the correct direction. So this festival always reminds us the importance of our teacher.


Cow worship

Cow worship is also a famous trend. It is said in India that thirty six crores of Gods resides inside the cow. Killing of cows is considered as a serious crime. Besides this the milk of cow is considered very healthful. It is also used in various ayurvedic medicines. In India, people make various products and sweets with cow milk that are good for health like curd, butter milk, ghee etc. and also uses the milk in the worship of Gods.


Tulsi worship

The worship of the plant tulsi is also very famous. It is planted in mostly each and every house because tulsi is a herbal plant with great significance. It is said that it keeps all the negative energy away from home and also works as an effective medicine in most of diseases. It is proved scientifically that if we eat one fresh leaf of tulsi plant then most of the deseases will not affect us and it increases our immunity power.

These all festivals work greatly to unite the people in India because all of them forgets all their personal problems and celebrates together. The festivals also helps in keeping the places clean because people clean their house and other places at the time of festivals. So all these festivals have great significance in their own ways. They spread happiness all over. Thus, through these festivals it is proved that Unity in Diversity.


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