Hand wraps are crucial to protect the boxer from any injury that may occur while practising boxing either in the ring, against an opponent, or using a punching bag. There are a number of tiny bones present in our hand, and hence, it is all the more necessary to know how to wrap hands for boxing.

If you work with kickboxing equipment, then wrapping the hand in the proper manner is crucial for the prevention of injury which otherwise, can keep you away from practising the sport. Pair these up with a great pair of muay thai shorts, and you are good to go.

To help you in this regard, we have put together step by step instructions on how to wrap hands for boxing. Although the following instructions cover all the basic things that one needs to know regarding wrapping in the right manner, there are a number of other ways to do so as well.

How to Wrap Hands for Boxing

Step 1

Before you start wrapping the hand wrap around your hand, make sure that you spread your fingers out as much as possible. Make sure that your fingers are comfortable and relaxed, even when completely spread out.

Begin wrapping the hand by placing it into one of your hand wraps’ thumb loops. You will find a text marked on the wrap which reads, ‘this side down’. Make sure that the text is pressed against your skin, and not the other way round. Bring the wrap out the back and wrap it round the wrist 2, or maybe 3, times.

When you wrap around the wrist, be sure to place it high enough to provide maximum support. Do not wrap very tight, else the circulation may get cut off.

Step 2

Now that the wrap has been wrapped snugly round the wrist, and you are confident that it is tight and high enough to provide sufficient support, bring it again to the back of the hand. Get it round to your palm and then across the top of the knuckles. If you use a punching bag for practise, then you how important it is to protect the knuckles.

Step 3

Knuckles take a lot of beating when one participates in sports like boxing or while handling kickboxing equipment, so make sure to get the wrap around your knuckles about 2 or 3 times, to protect them. Now wrap them again across your hand’s back and get it towards the wrist. The wrap should make an ‘x’ pattern on the back of your hand. Repeat the same ‘x’ pattern, a couple of times more.

Step 4

Get the hand wrap again to the palm, towards the base of your thumb. Now get the hand wrap to go around the thumb and round the back, getting it towards the wrist on the side of your palm. Make sure that the hand wrap does not twist while wrapping it around the thumb. Carry this step out with care, especially if you make use of the punching bag.

Step 5

Now that the above mentioned step is done with, continue with wrapping it around the back, getting it towards the thumb of your hand. Now wrap it again around the thumb. However, this time get it to wrap in the direction opposite to the one in which it had been wrapped before. This simply adds to the protection, like that of the mma gear.

Step 6

Now that the thumb has been wrapped well and secured in its place, get the wrap out the thumb and round the back of the hand. Now get it to wrap around the wrist.

Step 7

Now that the back of the hand and the thumb has been secured in its place and is protected against any possible injury which one may suffer during the sport, we now shift the focus onto the fingers.

Get the wrap around the wrist, to the back of the hand. Now pass it through the space that is present between the ring finger and your little finger. Wrap it across your palm and continue to repeat the step for each of the fingers. If you have handled mma gear, then you know how important this step is.

While doing this step, make sure that the wrap remains as flat as you can possibly manage, and remains completely twist free. If you handle kickboxing equipment, then this is a very important thing to keep in mind.

Step 8

After wrapping all of the fingers, bring the hand wrap right across your palm and back near the wrist of your hand. Continue to keep the wrap as flat as possible right through every single wrap and turn.

Step 9

Now that all the fingers and thumb are protected and well wrapped, continue wrapping the hand wrap right across the back and get it towards the knuckles. This gives additional protection to the knuckles. We all know how necessary that is considering how extreme the game can get. This is especially true, if you are entering the game in a pair of muay thai shorts.

Step 10

Now get the hand wrap to go around right on top of your knuckles and get it right across the back. Now get the wrap towards the wrist. Continue with wrapping it around the wrist in order to secure it right in place. If you have some wrap left, then wrap it as many times as possible. Make sure that you wrap it snugly in order to provide extra comfort, as well as, support to the wrist. You will need it if you are using mma gear.

Step 11

Now that the wrap has been wrapped well enough and is firmly placed, fasten it with the hook which comes along with it and you are done with the procedure. The finished result must be a tightly wrapped hand which is secure, as well as, protected against any injury which might be looming while you play to win.


A lot of people tend to get the entire wrapping procedure all wrong. Sometimes it is so tight, that it might just cut off the blood circulation to your hand leading to discomfort. While at other times, the wrap is so loose that it comes right off in the middle of the game. The trick is to figure out the right balance between the two.

Now that the talk of safety is out of the way, you can also make use of the colour of the hand wraps, to colour coordinate with your muay thai shorts. This will add some style to your outfit, while you practice your sport.


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