Though each culture differs from one another, there are a few practices which are similar in most cultures. For instance the practice of hanging a few good luck charms in the house to ward of evil eye or evil spirits is common. This practice is prevalent in almost all cultures of the world. You must have seen Indians hang lemon and chillies in front of their houses. This helps to keep off the evil spirits. Similarly, Chinese have the lucky bamboo shoot, coins and the dragon charm which are said to bring good luck and keep off the evil from your life. These simple things are basically kept in the houses to ward off the negative energies and attract all the positive energy into the house.

Below are some common approaches you may want to know.

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Good Luck Bamboo Plants

Bamboo is an amazing plant which brings a peaceful and wise energy into your home. They can be placed indoors and also in the garden. The lucky bamboo plants stand for solidarity and oneness in the family. It also teaches that one should be flexible and hollow from inside so that the spirit can freely flow and heal your being.


Dutch Hex Sign

A hex sign is a tradition from the Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. These are usually barn paintings in the form of stars inside circles or even octagonal or hexagonal in shape. They are available in patterns like bird, star, flower and heart shapes; people hang it outside the house for protection and prosperity.


Chinese Coins

These coins are highly valued in the Asian countries. The Chinese coins are primarily used to attract money. These coins are often tied together with a mystic knot and placed in the southeast direction of the house.


Three-legged Toad

Also known as Jin Chan, the three-legged toad is also known as the money frog. It represents a popular Feng-shui charm for prosperity. It is also considered to be auspicious for attracting wealth. Place the toad in the southeast direction facing the room but never near an outside door.


Dragon Charm

It brings career luck your way. It is also believed to strengthen your position within your company. Place it in north direction of your home.



When placed in the northeast direction, the crystals ensure success in educational matters. Crystals are of various kinds. For example Agate fosters good luck, abundance, wealth while Jade has the power to attract and enhance love.


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