Goggle hangouts are online platform for audio, video, and chats’ meetings for a group of up to 9 people. Google hangouts make it easier for people who are into marketing business to share ideas and promote their business to a higher ground. Hangout is one of the best places to meet business partners, colleagues, fans, or other organization over the web. Learning how to use Google hangouts is simple, but you should note that if your reason for using hangouts is to boost your business you will need to take some things into considerations. Google hangouts can help you promote your business and make busy marketers discover what works best on social media. It is important to know that Google hangouts is considered to be a replacement for Google talk and Google chat; because it is the unification of Google video, messenger, and chat services put together in place to serve the user better. You can download the Google hangouts app for your phone and computer.

Google hangouts can either be a private affair or you can stream live it on air directly to your YouTube channel. Experts’ opinions suggest that the quality of the hangouts video is amazing; you can use it to as a substitute to Skype. The beauty of Google hangouts cannot be underestimated; with it you can host yourself on video and up to people on air for meetings, chats, and other functions. In this article, you will know how to use Google hangouts to your benefits; but before then, there are important things you need to know before learning how to use Google hangouts.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Learn How to Use Google Hangouts

Know Why You Want to Use Google Hangouts

It is important to know that misplacement of priority is always a waste of knowledge, time, energy, and resources; therefore, you need set your priority right before start using the Google hangouts. This is where you will discover the reason for your decision to learn how to use Google hangouts. It could be that you want to share exclusive contents of your video to clients across the world, or you want to create a web show to that can help you build strong connection with your audience, because people will love it when you mention their names on air. Whatever your purpose for this, make sure you define it right so that you will be determined to learn how to use Google hangouts and enjoy it to the fullness.

Having a Website Is Essential

Although it depends on the purpose you want to use hangouts for; but whether your target is to build your list of audience and boost your business on air, or you want to share your videos online to reach out to a lot number of people; having a website of your own will help improve your marketing aspect and reach out to large audience on air.

You Will Have to Join Google+

It is important to know that before you start learning how to use Google hangouts, you will need to create a Google account or if you already have any of its services such as Gmail, Google reader, etc you are already on the right part. All you need to do is to join Google plus and you are there.

Setting Up Your Video and Audio

This will be one of the things you will need in place if you are prepared to learn how to use the Google hangouts. You will need to have a webcam with microphone for voice settings. You will need to check if those things are in good working order; also if your purpose is for recording or to stream live your hangouts, you will need a good background with less noise. The reason for this is Google hangouts will automatically detect whether you have a camera and microphone attached to your computer or not.

You Will Need to Install Google Plugins

Before you can try out this, you will need a Google hangouts download so that you can install Google plugins on your computer for video and voice. However it is important to know that you will need a YouTube account especially if you are planning on recording or live streaming your hangout. You can get all the plugins you will need from google hangouts app. If you are able to take note of these 5 things, you will have the zeal to learn how to use Google hangouts perfectly.

Tips on How to Use Google Hangouts

Engage in Practice Before You Start

It is important to know that practice makes perfect in anything you want to achieve. Therefore, it is expected to make yourself comfortable before the live hangouts kick starts. With this, you are expected to work with friends, colleagues, or family to test the software and its features, invites, etc and see its functionality. You can always get the software from Google hangouts download.

Remain Calm and Be Organized

It is important to organize yourself and enter the hangout at least 20 minutes before it’s due for start. Make sure you enter all the details correctly in order to avoid confusion.

Grab Your Video or Audio URL to Matched on Your Website or Blog

This is very important; make sure you have your YouTube URL handy so you can embed it on a dedicated page each time you are driving your viewers to watch. You can always see the URL at the bottom of your hangouts screen.

Ensure That Your Webcam and Sound System are Working Properly

You can check for all of these things by inviting a close friend on hangout and test their functionalities. If you need to make any repair or changes you can have time to do so before the hangout starts.

Ensure All Google Hangouts App are Active

You are to make sure you have installed the entire hangout plugins from the Google hangouts download so that you won’t be disappointed when real deal starts.

Use a Valid Email Address

This is very vital; make sure you use the correct email address when inviting your guest. This can help avoid confusion and other lapses.

Get Started by Hitting the Start Button

This is the final stage, and you have to organize yourself for this. Prepare yourself and hit the start button, put a smile on your face and do the good work, simple.


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