Now, this is not one of those fluffs you find online with neither flow no direction. These are some of the best tips you can find anywhere on the internet that can help you get the girl of your dreams on Facebook with quick results.

Before we dig deeper into ways to talk to girls on Facebook, let me first outline some of the reasons why you should pay more attention to picking up cute girls on Facebook that you pay to posting trash on your wall.

How to Talk to Girls on Facebook: A Step by Step Guide for All Boys

Step 1: Preparation

1. Add up cute girls.

This one is a no brainer.

Try spending some hours every week hooking up with about ten hot girls you find online. Make sure you use a very captivating add message in the box that comes up.

But if you are not witty enough to come up with something humorous or intriguing, just skip the add message thing and send the friend request.

2. Become a little bit familiar with her page.

Spend about 15 minutes or thereabout going through her timeline to know more about her, her interests, look at her past photos, posts, etc. It is all about getting more familiar with the kind of person she is, the things that mean the most to her, and how she relates with her friends.

Doing this gives you a better understanding of the personality of your new friend and enables you make a better connection with her.

3. Leave comments on her old photos, posts and videos

Go through her past activities online and comment on cute photos of her, her posts, and videos you find on her timeline. If you find any future photos, videos or status updates from her, click the like button and leave a comment. Leaving a humorous or positive comment works best all the time. Avoid leaving negative comments or trying too hard to please her. This will always be a big turn off.

You can continue this for as long as 3 weeks until she becomes very familiar with you.

Step 2: Talk

How to Start the Conversation on Facebook Chat

This is quite simple and easy:




"What's up?"

If you are dealing with someone you have never met anywhere before like a mutual like someone you got to know about through a mutual friend, begin by sending a friend request first. If she refuses to accept your friend request, try not to take it personal or get offended.

There could be several reasons for her refusal to accept your friend request: it could be that she isn't an active Facebook user, she might have more friends than she needed on Facebook, or she could be acting with precaution because she can't say for sure where she met you. In this kind of situation, just act honestly and casually. You can simply say you got to know her through a mutual friend, saw her photo in a friend's album, or discovered you two shared some special interests in certain things:

You can begin by saying things like " I discovered we are both Julian's friends, so I thought it wise to connect with you since we could be possibly be running into each other once in a while.

"I found out you are a great Chelsea fan, and since I'm a fan myself, I thought it wise to say hi to you!"

Step 3: Keep the Conversation Flowing

Avoid trying to make a good impression by bombarding her with several questions at the same time. Allow the discussion to flow very naturally: try as much as possible to be yourself. This is one of the most essential tips on how to talk to girls on facebook.

Show you are really interested in her, and try to steer the conversation in the direction of interests that are common to the two of you. If you are in the same school or class with her, that means you already share something in common. To find out other common interests she shares with you, check out her Facebook wall. Start with those common interests in, leverage on them to build a stronger relationship with her.

Give very short and simple answers to her own questions, don't try to appear too smart. Always try to put yourself in her position on any issue. How would you feel about a particular situation she is in? Never fail to keep your self-esteem high, this can go a long way to help you.

Examples on how to begin such conversations:

"How are you doing?"

"It has really been a long while, where have you been?"

"Why are you still awake by this time of the night?"

Follow up the conversation to wherever it might lead. However, you must be attentive to spot when the conversation is losing direction so you can steer it to some safe and common grounds:


"How did you enjoy today's classes? I really hate to attend those lectures."

"Did you get to see last night's Chelsea match against Liverpool?"

You can also try getting her phone number. Here is a good example on how to do this:

"Hey, I have to go now, but I would love to keep in touch. Can I have your phone number? You can have mine here: (---)"

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat

If you think she is cool and you had an interesting conversation with her, you can ask her out freely. Say something like, "Hey, shouldn't we meet up somewhere cool sometime soon?" or "What will you be doing this weekend? I really want to hang out?"

If she gives you an outright no, which is less likely, don't feel dejected. She might possibly come up with some excuses on why she won't be able to hang out. Whatever her reason might be, just keep the flow by saying something like, "No Problem! Some other time then."

If you do not feel like asking her out that soon, you can tell her you will keep in touch, and make sure you keep in touch once in a while. This will enable you know her more before asking her out.

8 Significant Rules You Must Follow

After reading the guide on how to talk to girls on Facebook, there are still several important rules you need to know. Try to put these down in a place you can always see and memorize them.

  • Ensure you have recent photos. Post some fresh photos of you, like the ones taken few months ago so she won't be shocked when she finally meets you. There is nothing wrong with keeping your old photos, but make sure they are not the only ones in your photo album.

  • If you have random girls photos in your album, delete them. If you have photos of some slutty girls in your photo album, get rid of them fast. Once the girls looks at these photos, she might conclude you are just another conventional guy and remove you from her friend list.

  • Make use of social proof. You can upload photos of you hanging out with cute girls, but make sure they are safe ones. These can be pictures of you hanging out in a public park, cinema, shopping mall, restaurant, etc.

  • Avoid cold messaging her. Most girls find this stupid-women feel only dumb-asses send them cold messages, don't do it.

  • Don't let yourself be tagged in photos that questions your credibility. Naughty people like tagging others in drunken or naked photos, don't allow this.

  • Be careful what you comment when she posts a new photo. Don't say she looks hot. You can say something funny or don't say anything.

  • Don't overdo the humor thing. Trying to be funny at all times can piss girls off.

  • Don't ask for her number so fast. Allow some time for a good rapport to develop before requesting for her number.


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