Sadly not all of us want to go to the extremes of airbrushing or enhancing our features on a photo editing app like some celebrities do. Fortunately, we can use clever tricks and techniques to bring out the beauty of ourselves in photos. Once you’ve mastered how to look flawless in pictures, things will never be the same again! Check out this guide on how to take a good picture.

12 Effective Advice on How to Take a Good Picture


Find beautiful lighting

Good lighting is imperative when it comes to taking a good picture. Light acts as a beauty enhancer in photos and has a very profound effect on them. It also really livens up photos. You can use the flash on your camera, lighting from a lamp or street or natural sunlight.


Pick patterns carefully

Believe it or not but things even as little as patterns can have a major negative impact on your photos. Choose one pattern instead of dressing head to toe in a patterned outfit. Small erratic looking patterns can look rather messy and have a tendency to strobe, plus they take attention away from your face so avoid them if you can.


Create your own filter

Sometimes Instagram filters just don’t give you what you’re looking for so you can either play about with the brightness and settings, use a different photo editing app or manipulate the sun rays by standing in front of the sun to achieve a flared look. This can make photos look very vintage and cool.


Look good lying down

Lying down relaxes your facial muscles which can really flatter and make you look more attractive. Also, if there is a light above, it will enhance your features even more.


Shoot from shoulder

This is a common way to take nice self-portraits of yourself. Lower your camera to shoulder level, bring your opposite shoulder forward and snap away. This way of shooting creates nice pictures.


Follow the rule of thirds

Photographers use this technique to make shots look interesting. Mentally divide your frame into thirds and put yourself off-centre as opposed to being in the middle. Doing this will make you fall either in the first 1/3 or 2/3 of your frame.


Get other stuff into the shoot

Get other things into the shot such as your surroundings, objects and even people. They are also important if you wonder how to take a good picture. Props add character to photos and make them more interesting. For example: If you’re at a concert, you could stand in front of the crowd and take a picture, using that as a back ground. If you’re at a beach the water could make a nice background too. People tend to look at photos for longer if the scenery is interesting.


Best poses

  • Angled Head: Staring straight into the camera can be bland and boring so instead, you could angle your head to the left or right side. Depending on the factors and components of your photos, angling your head in pictures could make it look cooler.

  • Angled body: An angled body in pictures could make you look slimmer. To do this: angle your body to the left or right, put your shoulders back and suck in your stomach.


Think outside the box

You don’t always have to take normal looking photos like the common selfie. You could do things differently by having someone take a shot of you engaging in a fun or physical activity or looking away from the camera. Get creative when it comes to taking photos.


Know your best smile

Look at previous pictures where you have smiled and really liked the photo and stick with that smile for all photos. Knowing your best smile can help taking pictures easier because you’ll already know what works best. Plus your photos won’t come out looking awkward.


Camera stability

Camera stability is important. It gives you sharp, clear shots. For increased camera stability you can set up your camera on a tripod and adjust the tripod until you have the perfect shot, then set the camera timer and snap away.


Shoot everyday

Practising your photography skills and getting to know your camera can help you make better shooting decisions. Experiment and play about with your camera until you find your signature style.


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