Life can be tough when you’re a lazy ass, right? I mean, you want to accomplish so much but then your damn body just won’t cooperate with your mind. Everything gets put off till the last second and when the time does come for your deadlines, you panic and are unable to give in your best. Because who can work that well under pressure, especially when a deadline is this close by?

How to Stop Procrastinating

Now obviously, this article is for those who really want to make a change in their lives. So if you’re reading it for the sake of reading, sure, go ahead. But it won’t do you any actual good, you know. Remember: where there’s a will, there’s a way. And if there’s no will, then not even God can help you.

Make a list

Be in the morning or before going off to sleep – just jot down everything that you have to do or accomplish during the day. Why? Because writing down your task gives it more importance and also gives you a set goal to accomplish. Now that it’s in writing, you will take your work a little more seriously. Everything from small to big – jot it all down.


Keep a notepad

And carry it with you everywhere. That’s because sometimes you remember to do certain tasks upon seeing some people or objects only, and it is at that time you can write down your task before you forget about it again! Your phone’s notepad/memo performs the same function, if you’re comfortable writing it all on your phone.


Accomplish the tasks on your list

When it comes to how to stop procrastinating, make sure you complete your tasks in the morning, or finish them off at night. But make sure you’re completing them. And the more you don’t wanna do something, the sooner you should get done with it. Because the longer you put it off till the end, the higher you chances are of not completing it at all.


Take baby steps

See here’s the thing. If you have something big to accomplish, like a 30 page thesis, then instead of doing it all in one go, about doing one page per day? Not only will that relax your work load, but it will also make it easier for you to objectively look back at your work every day and improve upon it – a luxury you generally can’t afford when you’re finishing your task 1 day before the deadline.


Let someone else do the dirty work

How to stop procrastinating? Well, if there’s some repair work lying around for months just because you find that job too menial or tedious, hire someone to fix it for you! Sure it’ll cost you money, but hey that’s better than sleeping with an eye open because you have a broken door, right?


Dress properly

See, most people don’t know that the way we dress affects our mood. So if you’re dressed like a slob, you’re gonna feel like one. Get rid of those sweatpants and hoodies, and wear something that’s better. How about that cute dress you bought from the store last month? Wear it, feel happy, find your motivation and then get your work done!



Much like our clothes, our surroundings too affect our moods. In a cluttered environment, the mind simply shuts down and you lose all motivation to get work done. So, de-clutter your life. Remove items that you don’t need, people that aren’t good for you and unnecessary tasks that waste your time.


Organize your work space

Or if you’re at home, get your ass off your bed and start organizing your belongings. The more junk you have lying around, the harder your task becomes. So do it TODAY! And remember – baby steps is the way to go. Keep aside, say, 15 minutes daily to clean up your work space or your bedroom. Within a week you will have every belonging of yours organized and you’ll automatically feel more motivated to work. This is literally one of the best tips you’ll ever get to know about how to stop procrastinating.


Reward yourself

If you can’t find motivation to get work done, then set goals and after you accomplish them, reward yourself! For example, after you’re done with half an hour’s worth of household chores, treat yourself to that bottle of wine you had been saving for special occasions.


Surrounded yourself with positive people

The more positive people you have in your life, the more they encourage and motivate you to get your shit together. Now these could be your friends, family, peers or even the weird dudes you meet at the comedy club.


Make a routine

Humans are creatures of habit, and we love give ourselves a set routine. Not only will a routine help you become more comfortable with getting your chores done, but it will also help you manage your time and energy well by allotting set time slots to different parts of your chores. It really does work like a charm!


Get rid of distractions

What’s that one thing that always manages to get in your way? Your phone? Laptop? iPod or even your wifi connection? Put it aside for the time that you’re completing your chores. That way, you will have nothing to distract you and you can work in peace and you can easily work on how to stop procrastinating.


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