Erections is a very good experience, no doubt, but they can happen when you do not want it. Experiencing random erections is normal in adolescent males, even when they do not nurse any sexual thoughts or have any sexual stimulations. When erections happen in school or while you talk with a girl you are crushing on, however, your major aim should be to hide the erection and stop it as soon as possible to save yourself from embarrassment. Though the best option is to give it time to wear itself out, but there are certain steps you can take to make it end soon.

How to Stop Erections: 8 Fast Ways to Help You Get Rid Of This Embarrassment


Understand It First

As a man, thinking about sex is a natural thing to do. It may be inevitable to think about sex always. You may not be able to help it. Now that you know you may not be able to stop yourself from thinking about sex most of the time, the best you can do is to learn to live with it. You need to devise a plan that will either stop your erection from getting to its highest point or knock out the erection more swiftly.


Reposition Yourself

For how to stop erections, this is the first thing you can do. It doesn't matter if you are sitting down or standing up, what matters is that you can always get yourself in the right position to hide what you are battling with at any point.

  • Standing up: Make sure you are not facing anyone's direction. If you are facing anyone head on, a bulge in your crotch region will be less noticeable than it would be when someone gets the chance of having a side view.

  • Sitting down: Try to cross your legs very casually. The pant material used in men's wears often gets bunched up when men cross their legs, which gives men cover for their scrotal mischief.


Cover Your Crotch Region

It is always good for men to have pockets in their pants, but supposing you do not have any, it is not going to be possible for you to reposition yourself when an unwanted erection occurs. In such a case, you should look for anything that can help you cover your scrotal area to help you hide your sexual excitement. You can try covering yourself with any of the following:

  • A magazine or book: Just pretend you are lost in one interesting article of the other, but avoid picking up a Cosmo in order not to blow up your own cover or just place the magazine or book over your lap.

  • A table: If you are in a sitting position, you can move your seat very casually until it gets very close to the table.

  • A piece of cloth: If you own a sweater or jacket, just pretend like you are searching for something in the pocket of your sweater, and just leave it lying in your lap casually.


Distract Yourself

It is easier said than done, but once you can find a way to get yourself distracted, then know you are almost home. Make sure you focus all your attention on an issue you consider very important, weird or irreverent. The main idea is that it is not easy to really have an erection while you are thinking about important issues. This is one issue peple have known for several centuries.

Think about a very important issue. If you are a bit older, and have responsibilities like some bills to pay, deadlines to meet and all other such issues, think about these things. If you are still young, think about your parents; it is one boner-buster that never fails to achieve the desired results.

Dwell your thoughts on something totally irreverent. Irreverent means you are not taking things seriously at all. Try forming a picture of a very funny scenario.

Place your thought on something very weird. It is believed that things get better as they get weirder. Some prefer to dwell their thoughts on things like cobwebs, clowns, or the irreconcilable enormity of the universe. This could do the required trick.


Give Yourself Mild Pain

No legal medical body will make a recommendation that you can cause any amount of pain to yourself to hinder a harmless and natural body process, but the conventional belief that the little pain can stop and erection is still popular in certain quarters. So long as you do not cause yourself any serious pain, mostly as a mere distraction, giving it a try is less likely to be a problem.

For instance, try pinching yourself very discreetly. This can be easily hidden, and it won't cause you any serious harm, but it can be painful enough to cause some temporary distractions.

If you get desperate enough, some may tell you to try flicking one testicle beneath your pants. But make sure you don't flick too hard, in order not to get yourself injured.

Remember, an erection is not enough to make you injure yourself.


Find an Excuse to Go to the Restroom

When you have the question of how to stop erections, you may feel embarassed to go to a restroom at once. Actually, you can simply walk to the restroom without giving an excuse; that might be a less weird way to save yourself from the embarrassing situation. When you hit the restroom, splash come cold water on your face or do some jumping jacks so long as you are the only one present. Think of anyone in your circle who appears to be the most unattractive among your friends.


Urinate When You Go to the Restroom

Doing this with an erection may not be easy, but urinating during erection can drive the erection away. There is a pleasant relaxing feeling you get in your groin when you urinate when you have an erection, which can make your erection feel less hard and urgent.

Everyman wakes up hard, irrespective of age. They do not always need sexually-arousing dreams to occur. In spite of the great difficulty you experience in achieving your target during an erection, urinating can make it end more quickly.



Take some deep breaths, and try to stay as calm as possible. Getting yourself all worked up about your erection can help you stay more focused and make it easier to end.

With that in mind, anxiety can help you end the erection faster. It is a medically known fact that stress induces the fight or flight reaction in the human body, which will include redistributing the blood in the directions of the legs and arms. This will in turn draw blood away from your genitals during erections, thereby helping you end the erection much faster.

So, it is a good advice not to get yourself worked up about an erection, but always feel free to let your mind worry about other important issues that can help distract you and deflate any pressing problems you may have.


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