Many people want to know how to see directory of website. They want to learn how to see index of website for SEO reasons or they may have other reasons to do it. The question is, "Is it really possible to explore a directory list of specific objects in a web folder?" To make it clear what they actually want, here's an example of what you'd see when you try to find the URL listing of excel files on your site.

As example:






How to See Directory of Website

It is worth pointing out that many people have questions about how to see directory of website, but there's no straightforward way to do it actually. The thing you need to understand is that to learn how to see directory of website or to be able to browse website files is similar to "hacking" because you will gain unauthorized access to file paths.

To learn it better, you need to consider an example. If you Google "bypass directory listing server", you will get several results with websites that will be directly related to security and info about how to see index of website. These websites actually rely on the flaws present in certain websites that you can use to bypass the index.html files. You can definitely try certain URL tricks to use those flaws, but you will find yourself in trouble if the website owners have already fixed those loopholes in their websites.

They even keep their log files on their web servers where they may have disabled directory listing already. It actually means that the server will not allow access to a directory listing if an index file, such as .htm, index.html, .asp, or .php is available in the folder root. Since those servers make use of serious coding, you will usually find it impossible to be able to access and browse website files.

Is There Any Tools for How to See Directory of Website?

If you're really looking for ways to learn how to see directory of website, you may consider using certain tools instead of using the conventional methods of bypassing the index.html files. Here are a couple suggestions:

Xenu Link Sleuth

This particular tool works quite effectively because it allows you to map a site's link exactly how Google bot would do it. You should, however, bear in mind that it actually gives you a sitemap type of list of files, which means you're only going to see pages that are linked together. The good thing is that it conducts link verification process on "normal" links, frames, images, local image maps, backgrounds, plug-ins, scripts, style sheets, and java applets.

You will receive updated list of URLs and be able to create a report using different criteria. It is a good tool mainly because it has a simple user-interface, allows you to find temporary network errors, supports SSL websites, and allows for partial testing of gopher, ftp, and mail URLs.


URL Fuzzer

You can take advantage of this particular tool to find hidden directories or files on any web server. By using URL Fuzzer, you will be able to access resources that may not otherwise be publically accessible, including, /backups, and more.

It works by using a predesigned wordlist with thousands of common file names to discover hidden files and directories. The tool will always look for directories at the base URL on the target server. The good thing is that you can determine the file extension before conducting your search.

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