Posting on facebook at the right time is essential for us to gain more facebook likes. This needs chrome to work.


Install HootSuite Hootlet.

First we need to install a chrome plugin called HootSuite Hootlet. After that, you will see an icon on chrome top right bar.

Login by clicking top right icon.

Click the icon on top right bar, and it will show login information. Login using your account.

Prompt the posting dialog.

After login, click the top right icon again.

Select Account.

We need to select our account. The right icon is the symbol for which type our account is.

Drafting the post and prepare the resources to attach.

First input the message body.

If we need to upload an image or post a link, need to open additional settings panel. And click the add attachment button. 

After that, a popup dialog promoted, ask whether we have a twitter account, we can either associate the uploaded picture with our twitter account, or just simply click I "don't have a twitter account button".

If using twitter account for the upload, remember you must checked the option:"Hide urls when posting to facebook and google+".

Be ready for the schedule.

Click the schedule button, and choose appropriate time for post.

After press "schedule" button, we have successfully made a scheduled facebook post.

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