If you have just created a new Facebook page and don't have any visitors on the page yet, there is nothing to fret about. Here you will find some great tips on how to promote your Facebook page free to get the audience you need. With the number of new websites and blogs being launched on the internet daily, web surfers would need some guidance before they can find your own content.

When it comes to how to promote your Facebook page free, you have got some good options to choose from. As a beginner, it is advisable to utilize the free options before spending money on Facebook promoted posts and Facebook ads.

3 Essential Methods on How to Promote Facebook Page Free


Optimize Your Facebook Page

1. Post in moderate numbers

Inasmuch as your followers have chosen to follow your posts on Facebook, they won't like their feeds to be stuffed with post from your page, especially if these posts are not in any way interesting. Make sure you post moderately, and concentrate on the usefulness of the posts to your audience. Everyone prefers quality to quantity when it comes to written content.

2. Variety is the spice of life

Always make sure your posts have a touch of variety. One mistake most people make when it comes to how to promote Facebook page free is not paying attention to the content they post. No page follower would love to be reading about your company's products and services everyday without any new stuff once in a while. Don't keep posting about your company and what you do, bring in some variety by posting interesting content on other issues in the industry. For instance, as a publisher, posting about your books alone will not keep your followers coming back to your page. Talk about other great books by other publishers.

3. Make your followers addicted to your Facebook page

Find a way to keep your followers coming back to your page for more interesting content You can post a contest or a quiz. A good way to keep your page busy is to post a contest in the morning and post the answers in the evening. Another good example is to post a quiz in the morning and post the answers in the evening. If you are into graphic designs or photography, you can post a good design or photo once in a week. Make sure you pick a specific time for posting this, to make it a kind of timed tradition on your page. People who love these photos will keep coming back to know what you have for your audience.

4. Customize the URL of your page

Once you have your first 25 page likes, Facebook permits you to edit the URL of your page. You can choose to change it to an easily memorable name or something that is closely related to your company, products or services.


Take Advantages of Social Network

1. Add your page URL in your email signature

Think of how many emails you send out daily. Now imagine a new web user finding out about your Facebook page from every email you send out. This is one of the oldest and most effective tips on how to promote Facebook page free!

2. Add a tag to all YouTube videos

If making videos is one of your content marketing strategies, make sure you add a timely page link towards the end of every YouTube video you send out.

People now know the important benefit of adding a link to their facebook pages on their YouTube videos, and believe me, this can be a great way to get the results you want.

3. You can request for your twitter followers to follow you on Facebook

Find a strong message that can convince your Twitter followers to follow you on Facebook. You can post a message like, "Do you want to get more graphic photos? Join our Facebook community today!


Present Your Page Everywhere

1. Tell all your friends

One other old traditional tip on how to promote facebook page free is through the word or mouth ad technique. Let everyone in your contact list know your page is up and running. Get them to visit the page and like it.

To invite people to your page, you can head straight to the resources part of the page settings. Click on the link labeled Tell your fans. This feature enables you import a file containing your contacts from your email client and spread the word about your new page quickly.

2. Customize your business page URL

Once you have the first 25 likes, you are allowed to edit the information on your Facebook page URL. You can choose a simpler name or something that relates to your business.

3. Email promotion

If you have a mailing list, send out emails to let your subscribers learn about your new Facebook page. Give them some good reasons to visit your page. From this moment, all the newsletters you are to send out in the future should be linked back to your Facebook page.

4. Facebook Ads

If you have any cash available for marketing, you can get your page noticed through Facebook ads. Setting it up is quite simple and you can design a budget to suit your desired traffic.

5. Allow followership on your personal page

If you have been at the helm of affairs at your organization and doesn't want to see your personal details on social media platforms like Facebook, you can include the handy follow icon. You can add this feature to your profile to enable anyone who wishes to get updates from your page without sending you friend requests. To add this feature, locate the Gear button at the top right side of your page and click on Account Settings. Tap on the followers from the list and check the box located to the Allow followers icon.


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