Do you get fear medical entrance exam? We know, it is hard. It is time-consuming. It is annoying. Not to mention how much it is preventing you from getting on with your social live. If you panic with the hind set of medical entrance exam dates 2015, how will you study tight up your sleeve?

But before you throw away your medical entrance exam preparation notes and say “I quit” for the 100th time… Let me stop you right there and bring you the news… Of course your medical exams are hard! There is no point for being easy because everyone would pass them and the whole medical diploma will lose the standards required in your medical profession. Eventually the title “Dr.” will be valued like a penny in your pocket.

How to Pass Medical Exams with Less Effort

Rule #1: You’re Going to Be a Doctor, So Prepare Well

It may sound like a cliché but the phrase “planning and practice prevents poor performance” is completely true here. Do not condition yourself to fail before you even sit on the exam. Do not be afraid and do not hate the medical entrance exam, because that is a sure way to sabotage yourself. Be confident, develop a strong self-belief and follow this simple tips and tricks for preparation:

Set up a study atmosphere

There are list of medical entrance exams that are quite tough. All you need is good and calm atmosphere. Find a quiet space in your home and make it your special study place where you can feel comfortable, relaxed and where you can concentrate. Keep your notes and textbooks from your courses in here. If you do not have a quiet space at home and must go to the library or another place to study. No one can study well while watching TV, so make sure to remove all of your distractions. Keep the books of other subjects on the other place, away from your eyesight just to avoid panicking about the things you have to learn. Try to study early morning when it is quieter so you can concentrate more. A good study atmosphere helps you to crack medical entrance exam.

Prepare a good schedule

Prepare a study schedule before starting the studying for your medical entrance exams. This may be a pretty difficult thing to do because it requires you to maintain discipline, but once you have prepared your schedule, just follow it and things will get easier. Make sure to include all the subjects but do not treat them with equal priority. If you are opting for aiims medical entrance exam, you need to have tight-schedule and stick to it.

The aiims medical entrance exam have very huge syllabus to cover in very short span of time. Not just AIIMS, a list of medical entrance exams have quite dreaded syllabus. Tough and boring subjects comes first and need to be given more time (Note: If you found pharmacology difficult during your classes, add that to your study early list), while the easier ones require less and can remain for later. Plan that some time need to be allotted for entertainment, some time for breaks (5-10 minutes break on 45 minutes studying) and there should remain more sufficient intervals between each subject.

The old good saying “there is no short cut to success”, is the initial thing you should remember here. The key is to study well, first of all. You cannot study for 2-3 days before, or cram the night before, and still expect to do well. The medical entrance exam is not like the others, it may need long term preparation before the planned aiims medical entrance exam date. That is why today I will show you some rules on passing your medical entrance exam easily, with less effort and without any tension.

Determine Your Study Style

The straight A1 students have the most successful study habits. They do not work really hard, just really smart. They have determined their study style right at the beginning. What is your study style?

  • Did you memorize the material better if you created flash cards on 3" x 5" cards?

  • Did you create mind maps and outline your material using a systematic set of headings and subheadings?

  • What about your set of study notes? Did you make them portable in which way you can take them with you and review the material while stuck in traffic, waiting to be seen by dentist or at bus stop…

Any inch of spare time can be effectively used to increase the study time of medical entrance exam.

Rule #2: Clear Basics About Biology That Helps Every Medical Exams

Stop whining about how difficult your exams are. How there is little or no guidance at all. How there is no proper guide to studying, or the syllabus is hard to reach …
I am not saying that some of that is not true, what I am saying is that these excuses are not the reasons to fail the medical entrance exam.

I am also not arguing that there is a lot of physiology, pharmacology and anatomy knowledge required. But they are the building blocks of normal body function and when tomorrow you become a qualified doctor and still do not know how atropine works for example, I have very bad news for you my friend, you are going to fail the first exam in any specialty. So cut your excuses and do whatever it takes to pass your medical entrance exam!

Rule #3: Sleep and Eat Well.

You do not need to be medical student to know that sleeping is essential and you have to sleep well. Researches have shown that optimum hours for sleeping is 6 hrs. My recommendation here is to take a good night sleep, especially on the night before your medical entrance exam, at least 6 hours and no more than 8 hours.

Also remember to have your food properly, as in your daily diet. Do not make drastic food changes (like eating more or not eating at all) on the medical entrance exam day because it will have the reverse effect. Avoid some food items such as potato, tapioca or chilly foods. Also try to avoid fried items which might contain fatty acid. Instead you can consume milk, honey, curd, chocolate…

And do not forget to drink a lot of water especially before you go to bed, in order to keep your brain cells charged all the time.

Rule #4: How You Study Matters

Sit straight all the time while studying. It is so essential that you have proper sitting manner while studying. Avoid studying on bed or lying on a chair. Straight posture is a must!
Keep your legs parallel to ground, but a little bit raised from the ground (to avoid ionization that lead to sleep).

After passing the list of medical entrance exams, you are going to be a doctor soon & suggesting the people same thing. Ironical, isn’t it?

Rule #5: Make Notes After Studying Research Papers of Medical Doctors

Make small notes while studying, all the time. Make your notes brief so that you can remember all points while doing revision. Include all significant points and figures in your note. You will be thanking yourself later when you are skipping through pages of your text book.

After all becoming a doctor is no easy task! You have to up your sleeves from the time you get your medical entrance exam dates 2015.

Rule #6: Believe In Yourself and Never Malpractice in Exam Room!

The straight A students never malpractice in exam room because it will risk their marks and the continuation of their exam. Keep in mind that you have studied hard and answers are just yours, do not doubt yourself with other colleagues’ answers. You are writing the medical entrance exam just for you, to prove yourself.

Believe in yourself that you will produce the best result and set your mind to be free at least 5 minutes before exam.

On the exam:

  • Read the question carefully, do not rush.

  • If the exam is consisting of multiple answer choices, first eliminate those answers you know to be wrong.

  • If you do not see a “right” answer, choose the best answer available.

  • Pay attention to those words that are underlined, in bold, CAPITALIZED, or italicized.

  • Be careful with questions that have the word except as part of the question. The correct answer is the opposite of what is asked in the question.

  • Answer every question. An unanswered question always is wrong, but you might guess correctly.

After the exam, avoid discussing with your colleagues about the exam questions, and come to your house soon. Take a little rest and if you followed the rules in this articles, you can give your parents the best gift by telling them you are expecting victory on the exams.


I hope I have helped you on how to pass your medical exams with less effort. Use these simple steps before any list of medical entrance exams and expect achieving good marks. I wish you all a very successful medical career. And remember my future doctors, your contribution have the greatest impact on this world. But now it is your duty to serve the society, to pass the exams and achieve your goals. Be good and help your friends when they have difficulties in their studies.

Find the time to enjoy the beauty of life, but be alert in your studies when the time comes. Again, do not make excuses, go ahead in your life with confidence and do whatever it takes.


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