It's funny how something you do from young could still often be frustrating to do. Peeing on your commands can be a real difficulty, especially the first time you find yourself in that situation, like needing it for urinalysis when you have no feeling for or while people are queueing for the toilet. If you want to learn how to make yourself pee, look no further and try out the tips in this short guide.

How to Make Yourself Pee: 5 Practical Methods Make Yourself Urinate on Command


Drink More Water

This is pretty obvious, drinking more water means you are more likely to have the urge. Let’s say that you have an appointment for a urine test, drinking plenty of water beforehand is your best bet to induce urination.

Drinking too much water is never harmful to your health, the extra water you drink will simply be expelled by your kidney as urine. Drink a glass or two of water before for urine test appointment and you should be good to go when required. Although there is such a thing ass water poisoning, it’s not something you should worry about and continue keeping your daily intake of water to 8 glass a day (although the 8 glass a day rule is actually too much).


Try Certain Fruits

There a substance called diuretic that promotes urine formation in the kidneys and give a person the urge to go. A variety of fruits contain this natural diuretic property.

Citrus, in general, especially lemon, can boost urination. Moreover, the potential for lower blood pressure and treating urinary tract infections is an added bonus.

Watermelons are high in water, which gave it the name even though it’s not a melon. Build up the fluid by consuming watermelon and you will find yourself needing to go.


Try Teas and Coffee

The caffeine in teas and coffees product increases your urination frequency. A cup of earl gray tea or plain black coffee before a test will lead to urination. However, check what you are doing for the doctor’s appointment. Too much caffeine in your blood could spike your blood pressure temporarily. Avoid them if you are getting other checks from the doctor aside from urine test.


Consume Alcohol

Like some fruits, alcohol is diuretic, which means it produces a hormone named vasopressin that retains water in your kidneys and then induce the reaction of emptying of the bladder. So once the effect is gone, the strong urge will come quite quickly.


Overcome Your Shyness

Pee anxiety or shyness is an actual problem. When you have the urge to pee, then when you are about to pee, you can’t, just because there is someone else peeing beside you. Often it’s because you aren’t used to urinate publicly and face something similar to that of a stage fright.

Having trouble urinating in public places is pretty common. You need to learn to calm yourself down enough just so you can use a public restroom. Relaxation techniques can certainly help. One of the ways to get that urge back is to distract your thoughts away from forcing the urine out, your body will then feel less stress and do as it should. Progressive muscular relaxation could help in the process to calm yourself.

Different muscle groups should be relaxed one at a time. Start from the neck and shoulders, then down to the arms, hips and torso. Continue down to your legs and shins. Your focus should be on all your different muscle group, rather than the fact that you’re in a public restroom. This will accomplish two things: the relaxed muscles helps you to go while it distracts you from the mental blockage of not peeing on demand.

Another method to distract yourself can be a great help to get you to pee easily. Aside from the muscle relaxation techniques, find some distractions when you have to go in a public restroom.

If you have a pretty good imagination, then let go deep into your thoughts. Visualize scenes, images, songs or sounds to think of while urinating. Imagine someplace calming to you, maybe your own bedroom, though your own toilet at home could work both ways. My way to go is reciting a lyrics to a song of choice. Whatever it is, try to get your mind off the fact that you are using a public restroom.

How to Make Yourself Pee: Others’ Experiences



Cranberry juice. It's the one thing that makes me pee a real lot. I had urinary tract infections one time and the juice helps a lot to make me pee and get rid of the infection. Other than that, tea and coffee work pretty well too.



I use a breath holding technique. According to science, slower breathing helps to easy the body tension which then calms you down. That never fails to help me pee.


Teela Brown:

I always close my eyes and imagine that I am peeing in my own bathroom at home alone. This relaxes me enough to urinate.



I do this strange thing where I relax the muscle around my butt. Relax and bear them down. I farted a few times doing this but continue to do focusing on the muscles anyway. While I never failed to go, you should never do this when you need to go number two.



I turn on the water faucet on and think of heavy flowing waterfalls. Just be sure to always go at night when you have the urge than risk it by holding it in.


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