We have all done this at one time or the other: You are about leaving your home and you just realize you did not remember to charge your phone battery. Your battery is extremely low and you still have about 15 minutes at your disposal, so you rush to a socket and get it plugged to get your battery boosted – at most, the battery gets about 2%.What do you do to avoid this in the near future? Read the tips below on how to make your phone charge faster.

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster: 8 Helpful Techniques for Both iOS and Android Users


Find a power charger for your iPhone

Instead of just using the charger that came with your device, you can get it to charge a whole lot faster by upgrading to a charger that comes with more power. For instance, the Apple iPhone 6 plus phone comes with about 1A (5W) charger, but when plugged with a 12W, 2.1A Apple iPad charger, they charged faster. If you want your phone to charge faster, use iPhone 6 plus, use an iPad charger instead of the usual charger. It can take about 2-3 hours to charge your iPhone 6 plus fully with an iPad charger, while it will take about 3-4 hours to charge with the follow-come charger.


Fast charging for Android phones

While these Android chargers come with universal fitting, that does not mean they are the same. It is a bad idea to connect your charging cable to your PC if you want the phone to charge up fast:

Every USB 2.0 port turns out only about 2.5W of electrical powers, while the USB 3 delivers about 4.5W. However, your wall charger will deliver a lot more, so when you need speedy charging, this is your best bet.

Most modern Android phones do support quick charging, which delivers as much as 15W and can charge your phone a whole lot faster. There is a list of quick charging phones on websites like Qualcomm (NB: You do not need any Qualcomm processor; you only need a Qualcomm power system).

You must not overlook the fact that supporting fast charging does not guarantee that the charger it came with will charge your phone fast. You may have to buy your own fast-charging cable. For instance, the LG G4 supports fast charging but the follow-come charger doesn't charge fast.


Don't use the USB port of your laptop

You can get your smartphones and tablets connected to your PC through your USB cable and your phone will start charging. But the charging will be a lot slower than when you plug it directly to a socket. For instance, Apple's iPhone 6 comes with a charger that offers about 1A. If you are using an iPhone 6 and charges from a USB 3.0 port, you will only get about 0.9A. If you charge from a much older USB 2.0 port, you will only get about 0.5A. More modern Android phones and other electronic devices will likely take up more power than the usual USB port of your computer as well-check the specifications of your tablet or phone to know its capability.

Use a dedicated charger and plug directly to a power socket instead of charging through your computer's USB port.


Make sure your USB cable is good enough

USB cables come in different capacities. To get the best results, make sure you make use of the cable that came together with your smartphone. Those cheap USB cables you buy later can't possibly transmit the kind of power needed to charge up your tablet or phone appropriately.


Put the phone down

This may seem all too obvious, but it is a fact. Charging your phone without turning it off will only slow down the whole charging process. If you wait for your phone to charge and you still play games on it while it charges, you may have to wait for a longer time before it gets fully charged. Playing games will consume more battery power and slow down the charging process.


Use the battery-preservation mode

Every phone comes with some battery-preserving features, it can be a stock option or the manufacturer's specific feature like the Doze on Motorola. To conserve power while you charge your phone, switch this on.

Check to make sure no unnecessary features are turned on, such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or NFC, which could use up your battery power. Shut down every app to stop your phone from doing any kind of auto backups or updating any apps from the Google Play Store.


Airplane mode

Another great tip on how to make your phone charge faster is to switch to the flight mode before you connect your charger. This shuts off the connection of your handset to the cellular, radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi services that suck up your battery power slowly through the background, even while you are not making use of these services.

Whether you use Android, Windows or iOS, you can always turn to the flight/Airplane mode by clicking on the settings app icon on your phone home screen, choose Airplane mode and toggle to activate it. The small airplane icon that appears at the top of your phone screen tells you the airplane mode has been activated.


Turn off the phone

Turning off your phone completely will help your phone charge faster than when you put it in flight mode. Also, while the phone is off, you will miss some notifications, but that is one sacrifice you must make for your phone to be fully charged and serve you while you are away from home.


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