There are times in life when the clock seems stuck and you find yourself desperately for ways to make time go faster. Nights before your test results are due, when you are waiting for some important news, or when Friday seems to be dragging on at work - these are times when you desperately wish for time to go faster, but usually, the clock seems to be moving slower than it normally does! Fortunately, there are actually some ways to make time go faster without changing the laws of physics!

10 Great Ways to Make Time Go Faster

Knowing some tips on making time go faster can prove to be your best friend at desperate times when you are frantically looking forward to something. Here are our top 10 tips.

Plan Ahead

If it is the last moment of your work week that is making you frantic, plan ahead for the weekend to come rather than counting the minutes. This will definitely help you know how to make time go faster because you will be looking forward to something positive and exciting, rather than being stuck with where you are.

By planning your weekends, you are giving yourself something pleasant to think about, and when you are distracted, the clock will seem to start moving quicker than it normally does.


Ignore the Clock Completely

I'm sure you've heard the phrase: "A watched pot never boils"; the same theory applies in case of a clock. If you want to make time go faster, you need to remember never to watch the clock; that will make the seconds and the minutes to go slower. Look anywhere but the clock, because the more you are going to stare at the clock, the more you are going to feel stuck in time.


Start Counting, But Not Seconds

Start randomly counting from 100 to 1, but you should just be counting numbers, not the seconds that are passing. This is a common trick on making time go faster, and the same results can be achieved by reciting the ABCs. You will be counting just to pass the time, instead of trying to count the seconds to pass with each number. At the end of your countdown, you can try to guess how many minutes have passed, and experiment with slowing down or accelerating your counting speed.


Take Advantage of a Power Nap

If you have half an hour to spare and absolutely nothing to do, a power nap is the next best option to pass time and make the clock go faster. A power nap is a 10-minute nap anytime during the day that you will awake from feeling refreshed and energized. It is actually a great way to relax, feel rejuvenated and, at the same time, pass some time.


Take a Walk

If it is possible, take a break and go for a walk. Sitting at the same place would normally make you feel agitated and stuck, especially if you have been working at the same desk for hours at a time. So, get up and take a walk, even if it is a 10-minute walk around the floor. This will break the monotony, and help you know how to make time go faster.


Limit Your Caffeine Intake

If you have the habit of drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated drinks, it is likely you will be too alert all day. When you are more alert than normal, time would go slower for you; everything else would seem slower too, just because you are focusing more on every single thing around you.

On the other hand, too much caffeine throughout the day will keep you awake at night, dreading the whole night ahead because you can't sleep. While the whole world would be sleeping, you would stay awake counting seconds.


Talk to Someone Else

Instead of battling monotony alone, talk to someone beside you. This is especially effective if you are waiting at a queue and there is a long line before you. Instead of glancing at the clock again and again, talk to another person. Make small talk with someone else, and you can make time pass faster.


Read Something

If you are a reader, a good book will always be able to help you pass the time when you are desperately waiting for it to pass. If you are not fond of books, try reading something else - blogs, magazines, newspapers, anything! If what you are reading is interesting, you won't even feel the minutes passing by, let alone having to glance at the clock every now and then to see if the hands are moving or not. No wonder some people read away the whole night without realizing the time.


Use Your Hands

How to make time go faster? When time seems to be stuck, use to hands to keep yourself busy. This is one of the reasons why many people doodle or start to draw when they are bored. Some people make designs, while others doodle their own name. If you are a creative person good at arts, you might just come up with a great image; if not, it's still a great way to pass some time.


Try Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises will make you feel better immediately and help you pass time effortlessly. By breathing consciously in and out and focusing all your concentration on your breathing, you will be able to clear your mind and not think about time. Thus, by the time you emerge, you will be surprised how much time has passed without you watching the seconds.


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