You're at work but you'd much rather be outside enjoying the sunshine or just simply at home catching up on some sleep. We've all been there. You stare at the clock as it slowly ticks on where ten minutes feels like an hour has gone by. There are plenty of days you find yourself asking how to make time go faster when working so you stop staring at the clock. Lucky for you, we've compiled some great ways to help time fly when you work day is dragging.

How to Make Time Go Faster at Work


Ask for more work

One way to make time fly by is to ensure you have something to do. While it is probably nice to sit around and get paid to do nothing, this isn't going to keep you happy at your job. If your workload isn't enough to keep the boredom away, then ask for another project or if there are any other tasks you can do.


Make friends with your coworkers

You might be finding it hard to get through your workday because you keep to yourself while you are there. Trying making friends with your coworkers who you can chat with throughout the day. This will help you day fly by especially since you won't have to deal with your boredom alone.


Interoffice competition

This tip not only will help with your boredom, it can also increase your productivity. Create a friendly interoffice competition with some of your coworkers, suck as who can make the most calls, or who has the least mistakes on their reports. This is a great way to stay focused on your work while also having a little fun.


Take a walk

If you sit behind a desk all day, then changing the scenery may be all you need to get your head back into work mode. If you get a chance, go for a quick walk outside or just get up and do some simple exercises. This will help you refocus and recenter your thoughts on the work you did to finish.


Listen to some music

How to make time go faster at work might mean creating a work playlist. If possible, make a playlist with songs that will motivate you to keep working. Keep the songs upbeat and happy so you don't get sleepy or distracted too much by the songs.


Write your thoughts out

One way you can keep yourself from getting distracted and bored at work is to write down the thoughts you have that are keeping you from your work. Keeping a journal at work is a great way to keep track of how you are spending your time as well. Setting aside five minutes a few times throughout your day to simply write or reflect on how your day is going can make the time go faster.


Look at what you have gotten done

Often times the day begins to drag because we focus too much on all the task we still have to get done. Instead of just looking at what you have to get done still in the day, look at all that you have gotten done. This can help make you feel more confident and focus to tackle the rest of your to-do list. You won't feel as overwhelmed when you focus more on what you have accomplished.


Consider looking for a new job

While you don't want to just quit your job without having a backup plan, if you struggle every day to get through your work, then there's a good chance that you just don't like your job. When you are doing work that doesn't inspire you or that you don't enjoy, the day is going to move slowly no matter what you do. How to make time go faster at work might mean taking some time to look for another job. Consider finding a job that you can really enjoy doing or at least working with people who make your job more enjoyable.


Spruce up your personal space

Sometimes you just need to make your workspace feel more like your own space. Buy some fun office supplies, hang up a motivation quote, stock up a snack drawer, or buy a fun coffee mug. These simple items can make you smile throughout the day and make your work fly by.



If you find yourself having more downtime at work, then why not use it wisely? Research your top competitors, learn something new that can advance your career, or just research something that interests you. If you are getting paid to be there, you might as well use the time to better yourself when you get the chance.


Set small goals

When you have a major project to tackle, you can quickly become overwhelmed and this can make time go agonizingly slow. If you feel like you aren't progressing on an important project as quickly as you'd like, then take time to re-evaluate all the tasks you need to accomplish the project. Break your big project down into smaller tasks and then begin to work on one task at a time. This will make getting your work down much easier and you'll be more productive and less bored.


Reward yourself

One way to boost your motivation at work is to reward yourself. Whether it's planning a get together with your friends after work, buying yourself something nice at the end of the week, or planning a beach vacation for the summer, you'll have something to work towards. How to make time go faster at work doesn't always mean you need something to do. Sometimes you just need something to work towards. By setting up a reward for yourself, you will ensure that you stay on task and work efficiently throughout the day.


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